The parliamentary parties for 2018 has spent more than 700 million

The parliamentary parties for 2018 has spent more than 700 million
00:05 Today the Telegraph Interfax-Ukraine Photo: news of Ukraine: Committee of voters of Ukraine reported that in 2018 the parliamentary political parties spent on activities 727 million.

Parliamentary political parties and 2018 officially spent on their activities 727 million UAH. It is reported by the Committee of voters of Ukraine.

“In 2018, parliamentary political parties officially spent on the activity record 727 million UAH. Of these, 513 million of expenses is money received by parties from the State budget of Ukraine”, – stated in the message.

CEC approves cost estimates for the work of the 143 election districts

KIA noted that the information taken from the reports of parties about the assets, income, expenses and obligations of financial character for 2018. According to CVU, the most in a year spent of the party “Batkivshchyna” (188 million UAH .), “People’s Front” (133 million), “Block of Petro Poroshenko “Solidarity” (130 million) and “Samopomich” (124 million). The radical party, Oleg Lyashko spent 93 million, “the Opposition bloc” – 56 million

As noted in the Committee of voters on the self-promotion of the party spent 40% of all expenditures. This 293 million UAH, of which 180 million payment for TV advertising.

“Among the party’s leader at an official cost of television advertising is “Fatherland”. The year the party spent on advertising on TV to 120 million UAH. Another 36 million on advertising on TV has spent the Radical party, Oleg Lyashko, 17 million – the cost of the “popular Front”, – noted in the kiu. Local cells of the political forces spent 114 million UAH.

It is also reported that 92 million UAH of the party spent on wages, 89 million – for the implementation of the material cost and payment of services. Another 69 million UAH political parties spent on office rent.

The Committee of voters noted that with elections approaching, the party began to spend much more. It is noted that in 2017, all six parliamentary parties together spent 454 million UAH.

Analyzing the promises of the Presidential candidates, CVU has noticed a pattern

“In 2018 the party spent part of the funds for self-praise. On advertising was spent almost every second hryvnia of the total cost of the parties. Spend, including taxpayer funds received by the parties within the framework of state funding for their activities, which is a negative trend. For example, only during Oct-Dec “popular Front” paid for advertising 31 million budget hryvnia. It is also interesting that some of these parties reported before the election about the record contributions in their favor. However, there is no doubt that these contributions were indeed made real citizens, not figureheads. Evaluation of such facts should give NACP,” – said the Chairman of the CVU Alexey Purse.

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