The parade of idiocy continued with: Ukrainian court unban advocate Sharia

Following the release of Savchenko and Ruban, preparing attacks in the Verkhovna Rada, the Ukrainian court struck another bottom, cancelling the search and arrest in absentia with an agent of the Kremlin Anatoly Sharia.

As reported by Ukrainian news with reference to the materials of Shevchenkivskiy court of Kyiv, wanted Sharia terminated, the process of its extradition to Ukraine is terminated, and the case of the scandalous Videocon sent for additional investigation to the Prosecutor.

Note that the story dragged on since 2011, when Anatoly Shary (then he was an investigative journalist) shot a man in McDonalds. Shary himself called it a political ordering of people Yanukovych, fled the country and received a refugee status in Lithuania, he later surfaced on the Internet during the revolution of Dignity, as the commentator of events in the Russian world.

For a short time, has become very popular in the so-called “wool”, his videos were actively razgorelas on money of the Russian special services and output in tops youTube.

All the time he was wanted and Ukraine was negotiating with the Lithuanians extradition Sharia. Since all possible deadlines have already passed, and the state of Ukraine did not bother to consider anti-Ukrainian activities of a blogger and to establish its links with Russian intelligence (which itself is a fugitive did not hide), the court decided to unban Sharia, removing it from the wanted list and canceling his arrest.

Note that this happened almost simultaneously with another high – profile release in the night of Tuesday, April 16, the Ukrainian court has also decided that it was time to release the Ukrainian MP Nadiya Savchenko and “General” Vladimir Ruban, accused of terrorism. If anyone has forgotten the person Medvedchuk – Ruban – was arrested when he was carrying an Arsenal of weapons from the territory of “L/DNR” to commit a terrorist act in Kiev, Nadia Savchenko when she found accomplices to execute it.

The attorney General Lutsenko, commenting on the situation, noted that the release of dangerous criminals has become possible only due to the fact that the Ukrainian judicial system is not reformed, and reform was sabotaged (I wonder who for five years did?).

However, just two high-profile events should be linked in a single chain and to assume that the judicial system is rotten and does not want to reform, but also destroyed the principles upon which we have acted all these years of so-called “Department Kononenko-Granovsky”, when the government lobbied for his will through the hand of the judges.

Now the judges and the whole system in expectation of the imminent change of government simply refuse to follow the instructions of the Bank, let it go. Moreover, it is against the background of the excesses and blatant disobedience, such as in the case of securenym Prosecutor Kulik, who openly went against Poroshenko, filing cases against his entourage.

There is a third option – the power, feeling the rapid changes, especially creating the effect of a hell of a mess, forcing the situation and bringing it to the point of absurdity, but this is the most destructive scenario, I want to believe the least.

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