The owners of the apartments become more connected to surveillance systems

During the year the number of private homes in Vinnytsia region, who joined the police surveillance security has increased by 1 thousand For the previous years was connected about 4 thousand Apartments and houses. The number of connections is actively growing. About it the correspondent Gazeta.ua said the head of Vinnytsia police protection Sergey Golodyuk.

“For rapid response to the signals on the offenses we have created additional responders in the area of the agrarian University. Many existing groups moved into the round the clock work. Planned introduction of groups in Litin and Teplik.

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The cost of connecting to a security system is 5500 UAH. This is the cost of equipment and installation works. Now we carry out the installation of equipment for half the price, and for families of combatants are 75% off. Next you need to pay a monthly fee of 140 hryvnia,” – said Golodyuk.

State security service has purchased new software that allows you to connect a system of “smart house”.

“Install it on the smartphones owners. So we can respond to messages from the alarm sensors, but also smoke or flooding. Remotely control the inclusion of electricity, operation of door locks and gates. Host on your phone can see everything in his house”, – head of center of technical security Igor Fitz.

On 24 November in Vinnytsia police secure the area passed 6 cars to 4 “Lanos” and 2 “Fields”. Will serve as guards in cities and on main gas pipelines. New technology has a cost of 1.1 million UAH.

“There are 61 car, from the beginning, has purchased the 13” Renault Logan “. These” Lanos “, which is pass today, will work in Zhmerinka, the river and the center of technical protection, fire alarm systems. Two” Fields “will ensure the protection of “Ukrtransgaz” – gas pipelines. Replacement vehicles reduces the cost of repairs, which are now expensive. The average age of our cars in 3.5 years “, – says the head of the police protection in Vinnytsia region Sergey Golodyuk.

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