The OOS headquarters: Ukrainian military shelled Russian mercenaries

At the headquarters of the HSE, told about the Ukrainian military. Photo: Correspondent

Russian-backed militants carried out the shelling of the truck with the result that injured 10 Ukrainian military. The incident happened at Trinity in the Luhansk region.

“With the implementation of logistics units of the brigade for the supply of food and water water one of the strongholds of the military part of the enemy made the attack with anti-tank missile system of the truck “Ural-432″ and military personnel, to carry out its discharge”, – said the commander 72 separate mechanized brigade Ruslan TATUS, reports the headquarters of the Ukrainian military operation of combined forces.

Five soldiers were injured, two in serious condition, three got wounds of average weight. Five soldiers received the combat trauma (cubrecama).

“At present, servicemen received qualified medical assistance in one of city hospitals with the involvement of highly skilled medical workers”, – said the commander.

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The trilateral contact group on settling the situation in Donbass has announced an “indefinite and permanent” cease-fire beginning at midnight on December 29, 2018, this time on the occasion of new year and Christmas holidays. It was violated almost immediately after the declared start and since then, as in all previous truce, constantly broken.


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