The oldest winery in the world wants to make wine on Mars


The first human colonists on Mars will have to abandon many of the comforts of the Earth. Fortunately, perhaps, they do not have to lose such pleasure, like drinking good wine.

Georgia, a country with 8000 years of tradition of viticulture, sends its leading scientists and winemakers in search of how to grow grapes on Mars. The project, named the IX Millennium, a tribute to the ninth Millennium of winemaking in Georgia, will include several stages of research to develop agricultural infrastructure on Mars. One of the most important steps: the identification of grape varieties on Land that is best able to withstand the hard radiation, the terrible dust storms and extreme temperatures on the red planet.

“If we ever live on Mars, Georgia should contribute. Our ancestors brought the wine to the Ground, so we can do the same on Mars,” said The Washington Post Nikoloz Doborjginidze (Nikoloz Doborjginidze), founder of the Agency for space research of Georgia and adviser to the wine project.