The oldest dictionary has named the word of 2018

Named word of the year. Photo: Times

Merriam-Webster is the oldest American dictionary chose the word 2018.

This year, the number of queries they became the noun “justice” which translates as “justice”, “justice”, “legitimacy”, the BBC reports.

The word “justice” has become the most popular on the website – it was looking at 74% more than last year.

Besides him, the top ten words most often searched by users of the dictionary, includes “nationalism” (nationalism), “pansexual” (pansexual), “polar star” (Lodestar), “Epiphany” (epiphany), the “irresponsibility” (feckless), “insignificance” (pissant), “respect” (respect), “a dissenter” (maverick) and “perfection” (excelsior).

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In 2017, the most popular word of the compilers of the Merriam-Webster dictionary called “feminism” ( “feminism”).


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