The oil negotiations failed again

How much is enough oil in Belarus?

As it became known, the parties failed to agree on tariffs for the transit of Russian oil and oil products through the territory of Belarus. January 13, negotiations were held, but to no avail, says “Solidarity”.

Meanwhile, under the current methodology, the question of the size of tariffs for the transit of Russian oil and petroleum products needs to be addressed by authorities in the field of tariff regulation of the two countries no later than 15 January. If you do not succeed, the decision must be made before February 1.

Meanwhile, in Belarus’s oil supply by the private Russian company. The contract with them is valid until the end of the month. And what will happen and how much oil is enough in Belarus?

As radio Svaboda was told in the “Belneftekhim”, now refineries operate at minimum loads.

— Within a month they should go, — said the press Secretary of Belneftekhim Olga Spehova.

The same time give experts. According to the commentator Tatyana manyanok, the oil refinery should be enough until the end of January with minimum the download.

— At minimum load Jan plants can still work, says Tatiana Manenok.

But what will happen, the question is open. “Oil war” is gaining momentum.