The number of obese children has increased eleven times over the last 40 years – the who

Over the last 40 years the number of children with obesity has increased 11 times from 11 million to 120 million.
This problem is more encountered in the USA, Northwest Europe and other countries with high social welfare. However, every year the list of such countries and the number of children with obesity is increasing, says the who report, according to Reuters.
If 40 years ago these children and adolescents worldwide was 11 million, now this mark reached over 120 million. Thus, approximately 8% of boys and 6% of girls were obese in 2016. While in 1975 this problem was encountered less than 1% of minors.
Children do not get enough physical activity at school, schools have modest capabilities in providing students food, walking and exercise all are thinning, the report says.
In the future the number of children with obesity will only grow. And by 2022 the world will be a larger number of children with obesity than those who are underweight. At last count, children who weigh less than normal for his age, there are 192 million. Half of them live in India.
Apart from obesity, another problem is overweight. In 2016, it was recorded in 213 million children aged 5-19 years.
Researchers believe that the cause of rising obesity rates among young people poor nutrition at home and school, and lack of physical activity.
In addition, the who suggest to consider the components of products that people buy and do not consume a lot of salt, sugar and fatty foods, taking the side of “healthy choice”.

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