The number of deaths from fires in California – 31 people

Photo: AmericaRU.com

The number of victims of one of the strongest in the history of the state of California a massive fire has reached 31 people. Many survivors left on time.

One of the most monstrous of natural fires continues to ravage the Northern part of the state. Many people have lost their homes, tens of thousands of people evacuated – many times before lit up their areas. In SONOMA valley established a special camp to receive people.

The fire that engulfed the wine region, destroyed 3,500 buildings, including many houses, many of which were not insured. . Exhausted firefighters are working around the clock to localize 21 fire burning, which continue to spread across the regions.

Missing presumed 400 people. The death toll might rise as rescuers began to find bodies in the burnt houses, some identification will be difficult.

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