The new name for Macedonia in Greece approved a historic agreement

The Greek Parliament approved the agreement on renaming of Macedonia. Now the country is called Republic of North Macedonia.

This decision was made by the Greek government on Friday, January 25, writes Deutsche Welle. In support of the agreement voted by 153 deputies, against – 146. It is known that members of the far-right party “Golden dawn” tried to disrupt the voting process.

According to recent polls, two-thirds of Greeks do not support the agreement on the renaming of Macedonia. So, January 20, in Athens, people gathered to protest against the agreement. During protests, clashes occurred with the police and hurt people. The majority of Greeks are unhappy that their neighbors should be called Macedonians and their language Macedonian.

Why the agreement of Greece with Macedonia is historical? The historic agreement of Greece with Macedonia will complete one of the longest in the world diplomatic disputes. It began after the proclamation of Macedonia’s independence in 1991. Athens believed that Macedonia has no right to bear his name. This dispute stems from the fact that in Greece there is a province which in ancient times was the cradle of the Empire of Alexander the great.
The agreement is not only a name change, but also eliminate any claims of sovereignty of Macedonia and the territory of neighboring States, and will contribute to the preservation of the identity of the Macedonian people and state responsibilities for the support of the Diaspora. In addition, the rejection of Macedonia from the old names will allow the country to join NATO and the European Union.


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