The network got a video of a mysterious UFO “covers his tracks”

The Internet is rapidly gaining popularity video, which makes the glowing UFO to disappear in a cloud around him. In all likelihood, in fact, “the cloud” is a trail left by the plane, however, this presents footage hardly become less mysterious. However, UFOlogy has suggested that the spacecraft of the aliens can sweep and own tracks.

photo: youtube.com

Internet users left comments to the video, most of them were puzzled by published staff. Quite popular was the assumption that the UFO is a space ship of aliens, “collecting the sample” footprints of human activity on Earth for further study or use as fuel. Many even claim they saw the same UFO and themselves.

Watch the video on:
“UFO filmed UFO “stereodee” traces”


However, not all found the video convincing evidence of the visit to Earth of an extraterrestrial civilization. Many have suggested that the published movie is a product video Also put forward an alternative explanation for the observed phenomenon – in particular, one commenter suggested that the shining point is a retreating fighter, flying through the trail left by the plane, and gradually “deflate” it to your turbine .

Some drew attention to the deliberately frightening sounds that accompany the video – according to Internet users, the use of such a technique is detrimental to take the video to seriously, even if we assume that it is this relationship worthy.

Although some professional scientists accept the existence of extraterrestrial life and even extraterrestrial civilizations, UFO reports, serious experts usually urge be treated with maximum skepticism. To date, there is no evidence of the visit (as, indeed, existence) of the aliens nor the confidence that even gipotalamicescoy “civilization of the future” to explore the Terrans prefer “personal visit” to other methods of learning and communication.

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