The network first showed a granddaughter of Putin

The Internet first showed an older child daughter of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin – Mary.
The corresponding video published control Center “investigation”.
In the description of the video notes that it was taken in the house in Novo-Ogaryovo in 2013, and the footage the girl is only 1 year.
It is also stated that the resource journalist Sergey Kanev (“biographer of the first daughters of Russia”) have downloaded it from the page of Mary in one of the banned in Ukraine social networks. However, in 2016 Maria Vorontsova (probably Putin’s eldest daughter, who now lives in the Netherlands under a different name – “24”) your account deleted.
Additionally, the journalists of The New Times in its investigation emphasize that Maria married a Dutch businessman Jorrit of Fassino.
According to the newspaper, Putin’s eldest daughter four times changed its name. So, in 2011 she under the name Vorontsov graduated from the faculty of fundamental medicine, Moscow state University, then enrolled in graduate school Endocrinology research center (ERS), Ministry of health.
Foreign media reported that Putin’s youngest daughter Ekaterina Tikhonova, manages the Fund “Inpractice”, which deals with the project of creating a science of the valley of the Moscow state University.
By the way, control Center “investigation” – one of the projects of the former businessman and current opposition leader Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

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