The murderer invisible: as people yelling in the car

Every winter we read the terrible news about how people die in the car, poisoned by carbon monoxide. Why it happens and how not to poison yourself?

Carbon monoxide is carbon monoxide, one of the products of combustion of hydrocarbon fuels, including gasoline and diesel fuel. WITH can kill a person in minutes, and the scary thing is that the gas has no color or smell – the victim do not understand what is happening. Meanwhile, the presence in the air of only 0.1% carbon monoxide in an hour leads to the death of a person. In some cases, the danger to the motorist?

Silent death

Headache, dizziness, nausea, weakness – are signs of carbon monoxide poisoning. Unfortunately, they are “in tune” with the usual symptoms of fatigue or malaise because of a cold, so most victims until he lost consciousness didn’t understand what die. And even if help arrived, it seems like a good time, and poisoned alive, just to bring it to clean air is not enough – you want immediate medical assistance.

Even in the tunnel you can breathe carbon monoxide – fortunately, only to a headache, and not to more serious consequences.

The fact that the gas violates the blood, so that it loses its ability to carry oxygen throughout the body. There comes oxygen starvation of the brain, after which close to death.
Gas, again, colorless and does not smell, it does not feel human. Since is lighter than air, it begins to fill the room and the interior of the vehicle top, that is, the half-open door glass reduce its concentration in the vehicle.

By the way, carbon monoxide is often confused with carbon dioxide CO2, and this error is fatal. Carbon dioxide CO2 is not toxic to humans, besides it is heavier than air and accumulates in the spaces below.

In case of faulty seals of the trunk in some modes of movement of the gases from the exhaust pipe can get to the salon.

Where in the car

The source of carbon monoxide in the car exhaust system. Taken out back of the exhaust pipe must withdraw all gases at a safe distance from the car, but under certain circumstances they go to the salon:

  • Leaking exhaust system. Even while driving exhaust fumes can enter the cabin through the cracks, door seals, holes in the partition between the engine compartment and interior, through the intake of the heating system ventilation.
  • Operation of the engine, even briefly, in a confined space such as a garage, the box, under a canopy in the corner of the yard.
  • Blowing out a wind when the engine is stationary. If the car is stern or broadside to the wind, exhaust fumes can blow into the cabin through the air intake heater or leaky rubbers of the doors.
  • Leak exhaust into the cabin when the transport of bulky Luggage with the lid open or lid. Paradoxically, in this situation, you can get poisoned it with an open one side of the cabin – due to the aerodynamics.
  • Getting into the interior of the exhaust gases from the strangers standing next to the car, for example, during the night at a roadside Park.
  • Modern cars have a co content in the exhaust is smaller and older models, especially with carburetor supply system, the percentage FROM above. Increases its content in the exhaust gas incorrect adjustment of the engine, when the fuel mixture in the cylinders of the engine excessively rich.

If you often have to start the car in the garage, it is necessary to equip the facility with the system for discharging exhaust gases.

How not to get poisoned

So as not to inhale carbon monoxide, you need to remember a few simple rules.

  • To monitor the seals of the body, especially for elastic bands of the trunk lid, and especially in hatchbacks and station wagons.
  • Don’t stay in the garage with the engine running. When absolutely necessary – to arrange the venting system from the exhaust pipe through the hose if the absolute serviceability of the exhaust system of the car.
  • At night in car it is advisable to periodically warm up the cabin and turn off the engine while you sleep.
  • At long stay in the car with the engine running to Orient the vehicle exhaust pipe in the wind, to the gases immediately rushed to the side of the car.
  • To get a sensor that will raise the alarm when exceeding in the car or in the garage acceptable level.

The detector giving the alarm when exceeding a safe level of co in the room (the car), is in principle quite real money.

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Do you think people yelling in the car – but often in the most innocuous situations. So if somewhere near long the engine is running (no matter yours or anyone else’s), listen to your feelings, if you experience headache, and sleepiness immediately take action to determine the cause. Especially if the same symptoms complain and your passengers. For often sleeping rough in a way it is better to buy a heater-independence, and those who work in the garage, need to make a reliable exhaust system. And of course, quite easy to ensure proper condition of all seals of the body of your car.

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