The murder of Pavel Sheremet: the death of the journalist can stand the ex-the employee of SBU

Natspolitsiya “independence” has finally responded to the investigation of the Ukrainian journalists that discovered new details of murder of an observer of “the Ukrainian truth” Pavel Sheremet. The head of Department Sergey Knyazev has not excluded that during the investigation, mistakes were made.

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The Prince took responsibility for the investigation and apologized for his subordinates, that they still haven’t reached the finish line in catching criminals.

Apology-apology, but the fact that natspolitsiya for 10 months sitting idly by — there. Moreover, even the output of investigative journalism is not encouraged, neither law enforcement or the Prosecutor to be interested in the identity of one of the key if not the defendants, then at least witnesses to the murder of Pavel Sheremet Igor Ustimenko. As found by the journalists . Ustimenko on the gray “Skoda Oktavia” for 4 hours on duty under the Windows of the house in Kiev, where he lived Sheremet, is still unknown man and woman laid explosive device under the car of a journalist. Surveillance Sheremet was confirmed by the fighters of “Azov”, whom he met at his house the night before the death. He Ustimenko said that was at the scene a completely different case — he was allegedly hired to spy on by some teenager at the request of his parents, but as soon as he was asked to confirm an alibi, he ceased to communicate with journalists.

By the way, once out of journalistic material and in the case of a person ex-the employee of SBU Ustimenko, the secret service immediately expressed a desire to participate in the investigation. Soon, however, sadly admitted that due to bureaucratic delays could not join the investigation without warrant of the Prosecutor’s office.

In addition, the investigation revealed that the investigation was negligent and to the implementing order Sheremet. Natspolitsiya tracked the movement of men and women who laid the explosives, and only for a few hundred meters, and then supposedly “lost track” of them. However, journalists were able to discover a far greater amount of footage, including color footage.. they show that criminals dressed not in gray jackets, as claimed by the police for 10 months, and in black and white with readable logos. Thanks to the new facts found out that the person followed the Sheremet and on the morning of the murder, watching his car before the explosion.

Released investigation demonstrated “interest” of power structures and the Ukrainian authorities in the apprehension of perpetrators of high-profile crimes. It is not excluded that the head of national police Sergey Knyazev have to repeat the path of his predecessor, one of the reasons for the dismissal which was the slow progress of the investigation. However, it is hard to believe that a change of leadership will affect the work of the investigation.

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