The murder of a jeweler Kiselyov: the court chose a measure of restraint for the suspect

The Shevchenkovsky regional court of the capital chose a measure of restraint the three suspects in the murder of Kiselyov in the form of detention for 2 months without the right to bail.

On the Facebook page of the Prosecutor’s office of Kiev stated that the court fully satisfied the request of the Prosecutor.

What is known about the murder Kiselev?

Jeweler and businessman Sergey Kiselyov killed a man in a police uniform, hitting him in the head, March 5, in Kiev. At the time of the shooting he was driving a car. Kiselyov died on the scene. It should be noted that the name of Kiseleva appeared in high-profile case “diamond prosecutors”.

The essence of the scandal “diamond prosecutors”?

At the beginning of July 2015, the SBU carried out a search in the main investigation Department of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine. As a result of the search was detained first Deputy head of the GPU, Vladimir Shapakin and the Deputy Prosecutor of Kiev region Alexander korniets. They entered into collusion and corruption received a bribe of 3 million 150 thousand hryvnias. During the searches at Shapkina seized 500 thousand dollars, and the Cornice – a lot of jewelry, 65 diamonds and a Kalashnikov. After this scandalous prosecutors were called “diamond”.

What does Kiselev?

At the time he killed the owner of a jewelry factory Sergey Kiselyov, the police seized jewelry and other valuables. It happened in the criminal case during the time of the President-the fugitive Victor Yanukovych. Subsequently, these same values and material values, the investigators found, after opening the case on bribery in the so-called “diamond prosecutors” Oleksandr Cornice and Vladimir Shapkina.

Who was arrested on suspicion of murder Kiselev?

According to the Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov, in the result of carrying out investigative actions it was established that the murder Kiselyov made out of selfish motives.

Thus, among the three detainees on suspicion in murder two former law enforcement officers. Exposed the attackers as they prepared for another attack. Police say the attack wanted to make for family and friends Kiselyov.

During searches in apartment of suspects militiamen found and withdrew the picture, which according to preliminary data can be stolen from a Museum in Nancy, France the work of Paul Signac cost of 1.5 million dollars.

Watch the video: police have detained suspects in the murder of jeweler Kiseleva


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