The most successful models in 2018: what beauties have conquered the hearts of millions

They participate in fashion shows from the most popular designers, are the center of attention for hundreds of flashes of cameras and demonstrate the lives of thousands of people who follow them on social media. Who are the most successful models of the world which everyone knows. Read our material on those who were on the Fashion Olympus in 2018.

Specialists fashion publications published the ranking of the best models of the year, chosen by the readers of the publication and professionals.

The main jury, which chose the best representatives of the fashion industry in 2018, added to such prominent persons as Katie Grand, Robbie Spencer, Bethany Hardison, Prabal Gurung, Leila Anan’ev, Ellen von Unwerth. Among the 250 experts were also different professionals from the fashion sphere – creative Director of fashion houses, editors, photographers, stylists, designers, hairdressers and makeup artists.

So, according to the jury by the 2018 model year was the Adut ACEC from South Sudan and Gigi Hadid by the readers.

Model 2018

What is known about Adut ACEC?

18-year-old model was born in the Sudan, where she lived till 7 years. Because of the genocide and civil war, the family of the future model was forced to flee to Australia, where Adut and began a modeling career. Apart from the fact that the scouts offered her a job in 13 years, first modeling contract the girl signed at 16.

Moshino Spring/Summer 2019

Rise modeling career ACEC was very rapid: after fashion Week in Melbourne, the French House Saint Laurent has signed a contract with her for the spring-summer show 2017, which became a turning point in the career girls.

The model has already worked with such prominent houses as Alexander McQueen, Givenchy, Prada, Tom Ford, Calvin Klein, Burberry, Versace, Simone Rocha. Besides, Adut became the second in the history of dark-skinned “bride” Chanel, going to pay homage to Karl Lagerfeld.

British Vogue

Vogue Australia December 2018

What is known about Gigi Hadid?

23-year-old American model and angel of Victoria’s Secret a few years of career, managed to fall in love with millions of fans and become one of the most famous models in the world.

On the page in Instagram followed by over 45 million subscribers. Gigi made a tremendous effort at such a young age surely become the face of dozens of gloss campano brands and even joint collaborations with fashion houses.

Gigi Hadid

Model Gigi Hadid is the representative of the fashion world who is not afraid to experiment with images: it can be found in sexy dress and in manner, which combines several styles. Imitate the girl famous fashion bloggers and other stars of show business.

Gigi Hadid

It is known that the model took the seventh place in the ranking of the richest models in 2018, earned for the year of 9.5 million dollars, the next step was headed by her sister, Bella Hadid, earning 1 million less.

Gigi Hadid – model-2018

In the men’s category the best models 2018 according to the version of the jury was recognized, Alton Mason, by the readers of Keith Butler.

Male model 2018 – Alton Mason

Alton Mason is the star of Gucci. He started his career as a dancer. His father is a famous basketball player, so since childhood, Mason has traveled extensively and lived in eleven. His idols – Michael Jackson and Naomi Campbell.

Male model 2018 – Keith Butler

Keith Butler model from Britain, was born in Oxford. He’s 20 years old and he has mastered the art to stay in front of the camera with your natural charm and charisma.

Women’s breakthrough of the year became Legal Aboa by the jury, but readers chose Bella Hadid.

Legal Aboa

The model of the Bar AAA is one of the extraordinary models in the world. Wikipedia will not tell you another word about her, but thanks to his charisma and business card – bald head, she is recognizable in many countries. A native of London, for the first time on the parquet business model stepped in 2011 Giles Deacon.

She is now the founder of online community Gurls Talk in which girls and women discuss health, sex, and more. The model also wants to act in films, but her best friend is also the least known person in the world of fashion – actress and model Cara Delevingne.

Bella Hadid

Despite his young age Bella Hadid is one of the most famous models in the world. For a short time, Bella has built a fantastic career in modeling: photo of her graced the cover of the most authoritative gloss, such as: Vogue, GQ, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar. Also Hadid is the real star of the catwalks and starred in advertising campaigns for Dior, Versace, Max Mara, Nike and others.

In addition, she broke the record for the number of Vogue covers in one month Bella was adorned with eight of the September editions of the legendary magazine.

The breakthrough of the year among men was Keith Butler, according to the jury, and the readers have decided to reward the Alton Mason.

It was also determined the winners in the following 9 categories:

“Breakout Star Women” – Fran Summers (as determined by the jury and readers).

Fran Summers

“Breakout Star Men” – Salomon Diaz (according to jury) and Elliot Maten (by the readers).

Salomon Diaz

Elliot Maten

“Comeback of the Year” – Shalom Harlow (as determined by the jury) and Devon Aoki (by the readers).

Shalom Harlow

Devon Aoki

“Social Media Star Women” Adwoa Aboa (according to jury) and Kendall Jenner (for the readers).

Kendall Jenner

Sister of the famous Kardashian sisters started her modeling career as a teenager and for the second consecutive year, becoming one of the highest paid models in the world. Throughout the year, Kendall Jenner has been enriched by $ 22.5 million.

Such a great revenue model brings in the work on the runway, in particular, as the “angel” of Victoria’s Secret and cooperation with well – known brands Adidas and Calvin Klein. Also Kendall Jenner gets a lot of money for your blog in Instagram: is it worth several hundred thousand dollars.

Instagram page, Kendall Jenner captivated 100 million subscribers. More recently it was known only as a participant famous American reality show “the Kardashians”, and today this long-legged dark-haired 23-year-old girl opens the shows of Fendi, Balmain and Givenchy.

“Social Media Star Men” – Alton Mason (according to jury) and Rafael Miller (for the readers).

Raphael Miller

“Street Style Women” – Gedera Zukauskaite (according to jury) and Bella Hadid (for the readers).

Gedera Zukauskaite

“Street Style Men” – Alton Mason (as determined by the jury and readers).

“Celebrity Model Women” – Rihanna (as determined by the jury and readers).


Barbadian star Rihanna is now not only a famous singer in the whole world, but designer underwear Savage x Fenty. Also the star has launched her own line of cosmetics Fenty Beauty.

At fashion Week in new York Rihanna shocking launched a new collection of underwear. The actress made a real Savannah and presented new underwear Savage x Fenty, which is a fashion runway model came of different races and body types. Even pregnant girls marched in seductive outfit from Rihanna.

Note that the 22-year-old model slick woods became famous after the last release during the show Savage x Fenty Barbadian singer Rihanna. Pregnant girl came to the podium and then she went into labor.

“Celebrity Model Men” – Timothy Salame (according to jury) and Shawn Mendes (by the readers).

Timothy Salame

Shawn Mendes

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