The most successful athletes Ukrainians in 2018: from Olympic Champions to world Champions

In 2018 there was a lot of sporting events where the pedestal was taken by Ukrainian athletes and sounded the anthem of Ukraine. We offer you to recall the most prominent Ukrainian athletes. Some of them quite expected Champions, and the rest – quite unexpectedly.

The top athletes in alphabetical order, not by importance of their awards. Because every victory is very important for Ukraine.

Alexander Abramenko

Kind of sports: ski acrobatics

For what: for the only Olympic gold for Ukraine at the winter Olympic games 2018 in Phenchhane. 18 Feb for the jump Back Full – Full – Double Full Alexander Abramenko got 128,51 points and beat all opponents. It brought him (and the whole Ukraine) gold medal. It remained the only award of the highest test for Ukraine in this winter Olympics.

Daria Bilodid

Kind of sport: judo (weight category up to 48 kilograms)

For what: for the title of world champion in judo at the age of 17 years (at the time of the conquest gold Ukrainka was 17 years and 345 days). On 20 September, she won gold in the judo world Cup on the Mat in Baku Azerbaijan in the weight category up to 48 kilograms. At the end of the second minute of the final, the Ukrainian managed to throw the score of IPPON is an early victory. Therefore, 17-year-old Ukrainian judoist became the youngest world champion in the history of judo. And set a unique achievement.

Pereglyanulis to Tsey does in Instagram

Today I became a World Champion! Still can’t believe it Thanks all people ,fans and friends who supported me, I felt your support️ Without you I would not have it . Thanks to my best parents and coaches who are always with me! Today I became the World champion.Still can’t believe it… thank you very much to all the people who supported me,I felt your support,very nice,without you I would have failed! this Thank you my beloved parents and coaches who are always there no matter what! #judoworlds2018 #worldchampion #judobaku2018

Does, polirani DARIA BILODID (@dariabilodid7) 20 Ver 2018 R. 1:34 PDT

And at the end of 2018 Bilodid topped the world rating of the best judoists of the world in the weight category up to 48 kilograms.

Oleg Vernaeve

Kind of sport: sports gymnastics

For what: for the silver medal in the uneven bars at the world Championships in Doha (Qatar). Performing well in the final, the combination with a base of 6.7 per assessment 15,591, our athlete lost only to the current champion the Chinese Zou, the Parkview (16,433), who defended his title. This medal was only for the national team of Ukraine. Note that this is the fourth award of the world’s varieties in the collection Vernaeve, which also has gold Nanning in 2014 and the silver medal of the Glasgow and Montreal 2015-2017.

Pereglyanulis to Tsey does in Instagram

Thank you all on!!!

Does, polirani Oleg Verniaiev (@verniaiev13) 4 Lis 2018 R. 3:11 PST

Also in 2018, the Vernaeve won the “gold” and “silver” at the world Cup in gymnastics in the Hungarian city of Szombathely.

I should add that Oleg Verniaiev before the tournament, missed several months of training and did not participate in the competition due to injury, surgery and difficult recovery process after them. In particular, due to injury he was forced to miss the European championship-2018.

Alexander Gvozdik

Kind of sport: Boxing

For what: for the title of world champion on Boxing under version WBC light heavyweight title. On the night of 2 December, he won the canadian Adonis Stevenson, the latter sending in a knockout. After the fight, Stevenson was in intensive care and in a coma.

Carnations became the fourth current world champion on Boxing among Ukrainians. About three others.

Andrey Govorov

Kind of sport: swimming

For what: for a new world record in the 50-meters butterfly. July 1 at competitions in Italy, Dialects have overcome this distance for of 22.27 seconds. This allowed him to 0.16 seconds to beat the world record which has remained unchanged since 2009.

And later at the European Championships Andriy Govorov won in this discipline and won the gold. After that, he won on the debut stage of the world Cup in the Russian city of Kazan.

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Exited to win gold on 50fly! Doha Next step! P. S 16years old boy on my credential photo haha #headswimming #swimahead #whatisyourlimit #headhero #fina #SWC2018 #gold #winner #50fly

Does, polirani Andrii Govorov (@govorovandr) 9 Ver R. 2018 11:28 PDT

Artem Dalakian

Kind of sport: Boxing

For what: for the title of world champion in the Bantamweight by the WBA. He has received 24 February 2018 in the United States in the fight against Brian Viloria. And then twice defended in Ukraine: on June 17 in battle against Sirichai Tien and 15 December – against Gregorio LeBron. Both the victory of dalakan received early.

Julia Jim

Kind of sport: biathlon

For what: for a victory in the individual race in Pokljuka, Slovenia on 6 December 2018. The Ukrainian managed to complete the race in 43:06.6, not allowing any mistakes at the shooting range.

In season 2017-2018 national team of Ukraine is not happy with the results in biathlon – a total of seven medals (two silver and five bronze). Hopes for the new season too. And at the first stage in Pokljuka national team of Ukraine won the gold medal. So, all is not lost in the Ukrainian biathlon?

Marian Sokolnicki

Kind of sport: walking (athletics)

For what: for a victory in race walking for 50 kilometers at the European Championships in Berlin. 23-year-old Ukrainian athlete has passed the distance in 3 hours 46 minutes and 32 seconds, ahead of nearest rival – Slovak matej Toth – 55 seconds.

Note that this medal was the first in the European championship-2018 in athletics for the national team of Ukraine.

Elena Kostevich

Kind of sport: shooting sports

For what: Olena kostevych won the gold medal of the world championship for sports shooting. Kostevich scored 37 points and became the best in shooting from a pistol on a distance of 25 meters. In the final, Elena showed the same amount of with Russian Vitalina Bazarkina – 37 points. In an additional series of Ukrainian with the result 4+4+3 snatched victory from the Russians (4+4+2).

Note that this medal helped the Ukrainian to qualify for the Olympic games 2020 in Tokyo.

In addition to the personal gold, Elena Kostevich and Oleg Omelchuk won bronze medals in the Olympic discipline – air pistol from a distance of 10 meters in the mixed doubles.

Vasyl Lomachenko

Kind of sport: Boxing

For what: for the title of world champion under version WBA and WBO lightweight. First title won on may 12 Venezuelan Jorge Linares. Thus sent the rival to a knockout with an injured shoulder. And already on December 8, defended the title and won the title of champion WBO lightweight champion from Puerto Rican Jose Pedraza, combining the two championship belts.

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? ♂app

Does, polirani LOMA (@lomachenkovasiliy) 14 GRU 2018 R. 8:19 PST

Mariya Muzychuk

Kind of sport: chess

For what: for the team silver and individual gold at the Chess Olympiad in Batumi, Georgia. As well as a bronze medal at the world Championships in Russia.

Michael Romanchuk

Kind of sport: swimming

For what: for the title of world champion in swimming and a new record of Ukraine. Mykhailo Romanchuk won the gold in the world Championship on “to short water” in the Chinese Hangzhou and Beijing and Japanese in Tokyo.

While in Hangzhou Romanchuk overcame swim 1500 meters freestyle in the “short water” (the pool length – 25 meters) in 14 minutes of 9.14 seconds. Its result, the Ukrainian set a new record of the championship.

Also in 2018, Michael won 2 gold medals and 1 silver at the European Championships in Glasgow.

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2 gold medals and 1 silver at European Championship 20183 National Records My season is finished, and I’m so happy to work with an amazing team @energystandard @__jamesgibson__ @marco_cosso @coach_rushton @chernyi0210 you’re the bestmy love @marynabekh thanks for your love and your support I can’t wait for our day . . . #energystandard #europeans #eurochampion #swimming #free #2gold #silver #befast #bestrong #bebetter

Does, polirani Misha Romanchuk (@misha_romanchuk) 8 Sir R. 2018 11:13 PDT

Elina Svitolina

Kind of sport: tennis

For that: from the fourth racket of the world Elina Svitolina expect much more than winning the tournament in Brisbane, Abu Dhabi or Rome (although they deserve attention). I want to have victories in Grand Slam tournaments. In 2018, this did not happen. But managed to win the Final WTA tournament where breaking the eight best players at the end of the season.

Elena Starikova

Sport: Cycling

For what: for the victory on the world Cup track in Berlin. First in the sprint Starikov has taken the third place. Subsequently, the Ukrainian managed to win the gold in the Gita – the race with a standing start, 500 metres, where cyclists start separately and their task is to show the least time on the course. Time Ukrainka totaled 33,210 seconds.

Also Elena Starikova is a two-time silver medalist of European championship-2018 in Scotland.

Oleksandr Usyk

Kind of sport: Boxing

For what: for the title of absolute world champion in Boxing. He is the owner of championship belts for the WBA, WBC, WBO, IBF in the first heavy weight. This is Cirrus on 21 July, defeating Moscow, Russian Murat Gassieva. And subsequently defended in the battle against Brit Tony Bellew.

Olga Harlan

Sport: fencing

For what: for a victory in the world Cup. 28-year-old Ukrainian saber fencer Olga Harlan for the third time in his career he won the world Cup at the end of the season. Before she finished the year first in the world rankings in 2013 and 2014.

The Ukrainian won two major competitions in season 2017-2018 – championship of Europe and the world. Recall that Harlan was the current world champion. In 2018, she became only the 17th. However, the first place in the rating was brought to her victory on the world Cup stage in St.-Niklaas, the Grand Prix in Mexico city and Seoul, and also the second phase in Tunisia.

Alla Cherkasova

Sport: freestyle wrestling (weight category up to 68 kg)

For what: for the victory at the world Championship in Budapest (Hungary). In the final, Roger Federer won the French Comba of Laroc 15:10. And became world champion. For the first time in his career.

Dayana Yastremsky

Kind of sport: tennis

For what: for the victory at the WTA tournament in Hong Kong. At the time of winning the tournament in Hong Kong Yastremsky was 18 years and 4 months. She became the youngest tennis player in Ukraine, which reached the final of the WTA tournament and won it. In addition, Yastremsky took second place in the list of the youngest winners of the season for the Women’s tennis Association WTA.

Also Yastremsky was the first tennis player who was born in the 2000s and broke into the top 100 in the world rankings. In addition, she became the fourth player from this era who played in the final.

Elizabeth Yahno

Kind of sport: synchronized swimming

For what: for the title of best synchronized swimmers in 2018. This decision was made by the international swimming Federation.


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