The most interesting books in 2018, which will definitely unmissable

Journalists of channel 24 understood what books were the most popular in 2018 and what of them need to pay attention to the real book lovers and those who want to impress their awareness.

“365. The book every day, to impress the cultured person” Anne Uluru (included in the list of the best books of the 2018 version of the Ukrainian PEN club) – the book universal. She is about books. More precisely about the great books of world literature, which need to know. This is one of the most fascinating encyclopedia in the world of writing – from encyclopedias on the topic “don’t-give-God-sex” to the classics of adventure that we now consider children’s literature, from the literary psychological research to spicy literature of the African continent. And all of this in great detail, with easy and chic design.

“365. The book every day, to impress the cultured person”

“The illusion of knowledge. Why we never think alone,” Stephen and Philip, Sloman Fernbach (included in the list of the most anticipated books Book Arsenal 2018) is the study of the American cognitivistic. The study is about all of us: people who live in information overload age, but still remain in captivity of stereotypes. “We live in an amazing era: never knowledge, particularly scientific knowledge, has never been so affordable, never checking the facts wasn’t so easy, never so many people have not had the opportunity to learn new things. And yet people who believe in a worldwide conspiracy, “tin foil hat” and other unscientific prejudices, not decreasing, rather the opposite”, – was stated in the instructions. And why? In short – because the culture has on thinking such force that the dust erases any attempts of enlightenment. Why? Look for the answer in the book.

“The illusion of knowledge. Why we never think alone.”

“Eat, drink and lose weight” Natalia Samoilenko (included in the list of the most popular books of the 2018 version of the Internet shop Yakaboo) – a book in which the doctor in the field of nutrition and endocrinology Natalia Samoilenko helps to understand the causes of excess weight, choose diet, to form the habit of proper nutrition. This is accessible and clear book is not just about losing weight. It is about health, proper nutrition and the myths associated with these ingredients for a long and happy life.

“Eat, drink and lose weight”

“Men are from Mars, women are from Venus” John gray and “the Monk who sold his Ferrari” Robin Sharma – books several years in a row occupy the first position in the list of best-selling network “the Letter”. These world’s best sellers, each in its field, is considered a classic of non-fiction. The book is warming – the result of his consulting work, couples. It is about the secrets of conflict-free existence, ways of communication, emotional needs and behavior patterns of the sexes and how to communicate with “representatives of different planets.” Book Sharma – the story of a lawyer, a millionaire, who, after experiencing a powerful spiritual crisis learning to live in the present, realizes that why the most basic philosophical tenets are the most important, and develops the desire to live based on our own vocation. And teaches that all who take up this book.

“Men are from Mars, women are from Venus”


“The cure for love and other stories therapist” Irving aloma (another most anticipated book Book Arsenal 2018) – an ironic and very clever stories of therapist. What people, how they are related, and what in consequence of this, problems arise. It is the history of several patients of different age and sex – married elderly women who fell in love with a young doctor, single girl, which, together with excess weight will throw the mask and mash of fun, to finally become happy, respected accountant who in addition to migraine attacks leave behind a whole load of family and men’s issues. Yalom, with his characteristic sense of humor warns: “I Want to be a fool, be. Do not want – will have to work”. But the choice each of us makes on their own.

“The cure for love and other stories of the psychotherapist”

“Good warning” by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett (included in the list of bestsellers of the year a network “the Letter”) – a classic fantasy. What’s more classic witchy predictions, which must surely come to pass, if not for the angel and the demon bookseller is the adventurer, which break all the classic prediction associated with the end of the world. And all because they like their life, which they themselves have arranged, being among mortals since the beginning. So they decide to band together to stop the Apocalypse. The story of their struggle, described juicy language, inherent to these two authors, makes every second of time spent reading, a pleasure.

“Good harbinger”

“The God of small things” Arundhati Roy (included in the list of the best books of the 2018 version of the Ukrainian PEN club) is the debut novel of Indian writer and social activist, who once deservedly received worldwide recognition. This is the story of two twins whose fates are breaking adults. Break not on purpose, but because they live in a world of castes, traditions of the Communist movement, abandoned beauty. This is a story that clearly shows how in our lives there are causal relationships, it is told very colorful. So much that literally felt raznoobrazny the smell of a small Indian town.

“The God of small things”

“Diary of the war with the pigs” Bioy Adolfo Casares (included in the list of the most anticipated books of the publishers ‘ Forum in 2018) – the eternal story of the confrontation between young people and older people. Buenos Aires is gradually drowning in intolerance of young people to the elderly, and the elderly here – it is all who must not be named just young. About how this is happening tells us caecina old , who gradually realizes that he, too, falls under the General wave of hatred, but not yet aware how quietly approached old age. And in his story we see how easily we can allow you to fade between truth, violence and self-destruction.

“Diary of the war with the pigs”

“Diary of a weakling” Jeff Kinney (best seller of the year by the network “Letter”) is a series of books, which, in fact, considered to be the nursery. But stories about Greg Heffly ideal for adults. All the stories about the problems faced by modern teenagers are not the most popular in his school, but eager to change that, have a fight with parents, fight with bullies at school and trying to find a way in situations through which passed almost all of the readers, to help me relax and get away from adult problems. Moreover, with the sense of humor of the main character – all okay. Most importantly – this series of books subtly recalls how the attitude of teenagers differ from the worldview of those who used to call themselves “adults”.

Book of series “diary of a weakling”

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