The most high-profile sex scandals 2018, about which wrote all media

2018 the year was rich in scandals, which were caused by allegations of sexual harassment or violence around the world. Journalists 24 of the channel figured in high-profile scandals, which were all gossiping.
Donald Trump

The President of the United States Donald trump in 2018 became one of the epicenters of the scandals with sexual overtones.

Scandals there were several, some of them were related to the fact that the women had filed claims for harassment. So, for example, summer, Servos – participant reality show “the Candidate”, the leading of which he had the trump, – said about his claims in October 2016. She accused trump that he tried to kiss and grab her in a hotel room in Beverly hills. When trump denied the charges, the lawyer, Gloria Allred Servos demanded a retraction. Since it was not, the lawyer said that “time is out”. In January 2017, Zervos filed a lawsuit in court. In September 2018, it became known that trump will submit to the court written evidence in the case of sexual harassment.

Playboy model Karen Mcdougal is also one of three women who applied to the court for a sexual relationship with trump. She asked the court to lift the ban on the publication history of his romance with trump. This ban model tied to the publication, owned by a close friend of trump – they paid the girl 150 thousand dollars for the exclusive right of publishing her story, the story is not published, but the model made it impossible to discuss the details of the relationship with the now current President of the United States.

The scandal around trump’s twisted star porn Stormy Daniels, which is very realistically described all the details about the relationship with trump in 2006 in his book called “Full disclosure”. According to the actress, when trump became a prominent candidate for the highest office in America in 2016, she began to fear for their safety because of the history of relations with him. Moreover, the year before she had already threatened, forcing them to remain silent about the relationship with trump. In the end, on election day, she agreed to sign a non-disclosure agreement for 130 thousand dollars. The actress noted in her memoirs that she was uncomfortable every time she saw trump on TV: “I had sex with, I told myself. Every time.” The President of the United States Donald trump denies that he had any relationship with Daniels. Although he admitted that he personally ordered the attorney Michael Cohen to pay her for her silence. The lie detector test which he consented to undergo the actress confirmed that she’s telling the truth.

Brett Cavanaugh

Violent reaction to the scandal that erupted around Brett kavanaugh, which Donald trump has nominated to the Supreme court of the United States. Kristin Blaise Ford is a Professor of psychology from the University of Palo Alto – accused kavanaugh of sexual violence. She told reporters that Cavanaugh dragged her to the bed and tried to undress when they were both teenagers. Ford claims that managed to escape from Cavanaugh that is too strong it pushed him to the bed, but she was afraid that he can “accidentally kill”. Sam Cavanaugh denies all charges.

However, the statement of Professor Ford provoked a scandal literally on an international scale – in the United States, there were mass protests against Cavanaugh and his purpose. On their pages in social networks, Ford was supported by influential stars, such as Eva Longoria, Natalie Portman, Jessica Chastain, Jane Fonda, Kerry Washington, Jamie Lee Curtis and other stars. And this attracted the attention of the world to Cavanaugh. However, despite the mass protests, his candidacy was approved by the Senate, he received the post of judge of the Supreme court in the United States.

Harvey Weinstein

The scandal of Hollywood, which began in 2017, was continued this year. More than 100 women have accused the famous producer Harvey Weinstein in the harassment. After the publicity in the United States began a large-scale campaign against sexual violence. The number of victims who claimed sexual harassment and violence on the part of Weinstein, is constantly increasing.

In the fall of 2018 Polish ex-model said that the sexy American had assaulted her when she was only 16. According to the victim of the harassment, which in the case appears under the name Jane DOE, she refused to have sex with Harvey Weinstein, and then he was furious, but let her go.

Harvey Harvey Weinstein and the victims of his sexual harassment

Weinstein formally charged, however, only committing three sexual offences. And soon after was released on bail of one million dollars. The producer at all times during any denies his guilt. However, his wife, model and actress Georgina Chapman is that the scandal left her husband.

Kevin Spacey

Another high-profile Hollywood scandal, was continued in 2018 – allegations of sexual harassment that are filed against the famous actor Kevin spacey. At the end of 2017 on them, said several men and women. In particular, the actor of the film “StarTrek” Anthony RAPP accused spacey of harassment 30 years ago. At that time Anthony was just 14 years old. In response, spacey admitted homosexual. The actor pleaded guilty, apologized and went to get treatment for sexual addiction. Police in Los Angeles have transferred all materials to the Prosecutor’s office regarding the allegations of spacey.

Kevin spacey and the victims of his sexual harassment

After that, colleagues spacey TV series “house of cards” actor accused of harassment, and the creators of the series, thanks to which spacey know for his role as Frank underwood, has suspended shooting for an indefinite period, and announced that the new season of “house of cards” will be the last. Netflix has stopped all cooperation with spacey and in February resumed shooting. From the first few teasers, it became known that the main character will now become Robin Wright’s portrayal of Claire underwood. The final sixth season of “house of cards” will consist of eight episodes.

British Ministers

Wave of sex scandals in 2018 has also continued in the British government. At the end of 2017 it resigned from two Ministers – defense Minister Michael Fallon and chief of staff to British Prime Minister Theresa may Damian green. In 2018, the same fate befell the Minister for small business UK Andrew Griffiths. And all because he sent more than two thousand messages that are obscene nature of two waitresses and “offered them money for the pleasure.”

Griffiths, after announcing his resignation, also added that he wants to apologize for his behavior before the voters and Prime Minister Theresa may and said it would now seek professional help to prevent this behavior in the future.

Ukrainian civil servants

In Ukraine without scandals has not done. However, looked our the scandal is not so impressive. In early November, Facebook began to spread the post student of one of Kyiv universities Natalia Buraco. The girl begged for help. Supposedly threatened her admirer, whom she met on the social network. People wrote from the account of Alexander Varchenko, head of Department of protection of economy of Ukraine. On the post, what’s interesting is his wife, Olga Varchenko. She is the first Deputy head of the State Bureau of investigation. Wife once said that it is fake and an attempt to discredit decent family. Later Natalia Buraco on his page on Facebook wrote a post with an apology and asked not to bother the media nor her nor her family. After nothing was heard.

In the end, it became known that in this case detained the political expert Vladimir Petrov and blogger Alexander Barabashka. The case against them is the SBU under the supervision of the Chief military Prosecutor’s office. It concerns not only the harassment scandal. What about more episodes in question – neither the law enforcement nor the defenders did not specify, referring to secrecy of the investigation. Petrov and Republic accused of violating the secrecy of correspondence or telephone conversations and privacy, about the message on a crime with artificial creation of evidence and the impact on law enforcement officers to prevent his work.

Republic chose a measure of restraint – 2 months of arrest until January 29, with the possibility of bail. 3 Dec for blogger made $ 3 million bail. And Petrov was elected as a preventive measure-house arrest.

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