The most expensive and the cheapest cakes-2017

Intelligence systems Dozorro researched, at what price customers bought cakes at the expense of taxpayers. Analyzed two dozen of interesting purchases. It turned out that prices vary from 20 to 136 USD per kilogram.
The most expensive cakes at a price of 136, 94 and 61 hryvnia per kilogram purchased, respectively, in Miropolsky geriatric boarding house, Kyiv psycho-neurological boarding house and potential institutionalization.
In Dozorro recalled that before the Easter holidays, the economy Ministry calculated the cost of the baking of the Passover: it was 50-60 UAH/kg.
How are the prices and what explains this difference in consumption? A rational explanation for the difference in price in 7 times is hard to find. Perhaps expensive just cakes sprinkled with precious stones (in tender documents, however, do not write about it). Depending on the type of procurement procedure can not be traced. Or competitive, or not — laws are not present, — have noted in Dozorro.

With regard to the volumes of cakes in the ProZorro, there are parties and 675 kg and quite small — a few pounds. Not without absurd contracts. For example, in Khmelnytsky found such “miracles of naprasnosti” how the report on the contract for the purchase of Easter powder in the amount of 30 UAH per 0.5 kilograms, said analysts.

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