The most ardent critics of GMOs almost know nothing about science


Studies show that the most extreme critics of GMOs are least versed in science.

As is well known to anyone who has experienced a heavy conversation at the dinner party, there is a direct relationship between the volume of the voice of man and the fallacy of his knowledge. It seems that this applies not only to political views, but also to genetically modified products. A new study published in the journal Nature Human Behavior, showed that the people most opposed to Gmoa, the least knowledgeable about science.

In a nationwide representative survey of 2,000 American adults were evaluated from 1 to 10 the degree of attitudes toward genetically modified products. Then they were asked whether they are confident in their knowledge of science and genetics. Finally, adults were asked simple questions on basic science and genetics. The results showed that the most vehement opponents of GMOs know almost nothing about the scientific facts concerning genetics.

The growth of dramatic attitudes toward genetically modified foods of objective knowledge about science and genetics decreased, said lead author Phil Fernbach (Phil Fernbach) from the University of Colorado.