The Ministry of education has hidden from the Presidium of higher attestation Commission dissertation case Medina

Scientific Director of State archive Sergey Mironenko, also a member of the Presidium of HAC, said “Rain” that he was denied access to the dissertation matter to the Minister of culture of Russia Vladimir Medinsky.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

Mironenko explained that they decided to read the dissertation matter to the Minister before the meeting of the Presidium of higher attestation Commission, which must decide the question about the scientific work of Medina, so that he may lose the degree of doctor of historical Sciences. However, the scientist failed.

“Me first, — said Mironenko, — began to say that it is a country store, and when I said I worked in the State archives and know that the Ministry of education in any country store there, said that I should check with my supervisor”.

In the end, according to Mironenko, member of the Presidium of HAC Dmitry Bystrov simply stopped responding to calls by disabling the phone.

Note that Mironenko had been dismissed from the post of head of the state Archives after published about the fake Soviet propaganda story of the 28 Panfilov. Then Medinsky has criticized the historian, saying that he should be confined to work in the archive.

Recall that the meeting of the Presidium of the HAC will be held tomorrow, October 20, after which a decision on the Medina must be approved by the Ministry of education and science. Earlier the expert Council of VAK on the history of recognized dissertation Medina unscientific and containing many factual and methodological errors.

In recent days, around the thesis of the Minister and sparked a new scandal: “Novaya Gazeta” found out that the opponents mentioned in the abstract, the dissertation, in fact, not seen. Medina subordinate to the Ministry of culture and the Military historical society tried to argue that it happened because of the “draft” of the abstract, caught in the RSSU, where defended, the future Minister, and the WAC, a “clean copy” with other names of opponents allegedly stored in a RSL. However, the co-founder of “Discerneth” Andrew Sakin showed a certified copy of the abstract of Medina from the RSL with all the same opponents. Took a photo of this abstract and other visitors to the library.

It still remains unclear where the Military historical society took photos of the pages of the abstract Medina with other opponents, and why they are still not filed their previous reviews of his work.

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