The Ministry of defence revealed the US plans to create complex instant global strike

The Pentagon began to establish advanced systems instant global strike, which, even in non-nuclear equipment will be able to solve problems of strategic nuclear forces. This was during the Russia-China briefing on missile defense said the representative of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation Alexander Emelyanov.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

“Implementing the concept of joint use of offensive and defensive weapons, the Pentagon began to establish a promising strike complexes instant global strike,” — said Emelyanov.

According to him, these complexes are assigned tasks similar to the requirements of strategic nuclear forces, reports TASS.

In addition, the representative of the Ministry of defense has analyzed the American system of antimissile defence (ABM), saying that it will soon be “a qualitatively new level”.

So, by 2022, the ninth year in the United States Arsenal will be more than 1000 missiles, and in the future their number will exceed the number of warheads on Intercontinental missiles Russia, said Emelyanov.

According to the representative of the Russian defense Ministry, the relationship of the plans to deploy missile defense systems and the creation of instant global strike is obvious.

“When applying the “disarming” strike against targets of Russian and Chinese strategic nuclear forces significantly increases the effectiveness of the U.S. missile defense system”, — he said.

Instant global strike non — nuclear high-precision systems, allowing immediate (within 60 minutes from the time of the decision) to strike at any target on the globe.

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