The Minister of Reva and crying Germany vs of Crimea and provocation from Poland: the main thing for the week

The head of “Ukrzaliznytsya” Wojciech Balczun resigned, Vladimir Putin to deploy troops on the border of Belarus with Ukraine, Mikheil Saakashvili unsuccessfully trying to get into Ukraine – about these and other events of the week (7 – 13 August) read the review of the site 24 Channel.
Event of the week

In Germany, proposed to “freeze” the issue of Crimea, while not able to resolve the conflict in the Donbas. This statement was made by the leader of the Free democratic party Christian Lindner, who has a chance to get into the German Parliament. He also advocated for change in the policy of Berlin towards Russia.

The German government instead affirmed the non-recognition of the annexation of Crimea. Foreign Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin called politicians who justify the annexation of Crimea, “complicit in Putin’s crimes.”

Scandal of the week

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Poland Witold Waszczykowski said that the members of the OUN-UPA participated in the Holocaust and once again suggested that the Ukrainian is not to glorify Stepan Bandera and Roman Shukhevych, because it could “damage the European aspirations of Ukraine”.

Moreover, in 2018, Poland is preparing to issue new passports with a picture … of the Ukrainian lands. The Ukrainian foreign Ministry called it “an unfriendly step”.

Quote of the week

The Minister of social policy Andrei Reva said that the Ukrainians spend on food 50% of income for a lot of eating. So the Germans spend on food and 14% because they have “other culture”.

“The Germans, they eat differently, they have different diet. Given that prices for food in Germany and in Ukraine about the same, if they eat less not because they have no opportunity, but because they have such a food culture, they spend less,” said Reva.

The person of the week

The head of “Ukrzaliznytsya” Wojciech Balczun resigned “for personal reasons”. The head of the Ministry of Infrastructure Vladimir Omelian, in the quarrels which took place the year of Balcona in office, welcomed the decision and said the demand to release all of the user UZ.

Meanwhile, the court of first instance annulled the decision of the Cabinet on the withdrawal of “Ukrzaliznytsya” from subordination Omelyana, in consequence of which he has a chance to regain control of the state concern.

The artiste of the week

The former head of the Odessa regional state administration, Mikheil Saakashvili, whom Petro Poroshenko has deprived the Ukrainian citizenship, trying to get to Ukraine. He visited Poland, Lithuania and Hungary, spoke at meetings and staged rallies.

In the presidential Administration said that Saakashvili may enter the country only with a visa, (which, however, nowhere to put). The guards added that as soon as Saakashvili crosses the border, he will go to Georgia, if there is such a request.

The threat of the week

Russian President Vladimir Putin plans to place air defense troops on the borders of Belarus with the EU and Ukraine. A draft law he submitted to the state Duma of the Russian Federation. Some experts called this maneuver “the occupation of Belarus by Russia”, and the Ukrainians are afraid of the invasion of Russia from the North.

In the General staff of the armed forces has called on Ukrainians not to worry, because military control of the situation and prepared for any eventuality.

News of the week

In the near future, the US special envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker will visit Moscow to meet with Russian presidential aide Vladislav Surkov. This was agreed by US Secretary of state Rex Tillerson and Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. It is expected to discuss ways of resolving the situation in the Donbass.

Previously, Walker visited the Donbass region and discussed the war in Ukraine with European leaders, therefore, have sufficient information in order for the meeting in Moscow was favorable for Ukraine.

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