The migrant presented one bedroom apartment


Pereselenets s Advi wrokout Kluch. Photo: DDK

Migrant from Avdeevka received keys from new flats in the town of rodinskoye, Donetsk region.

Before the outbreak of hostilities Irina Osadchaya lived the plant with the parents and child that has a disability. In 2015, a woman with a child was forced to move in rodinskoye. In 2018, Irina appealed to the Rodinsky of the Executive Committee, and at New year she was told that at the beginning of 2019, she will be able to move into his own apartment.

“Apartment for Irina was acquired under the program of co-financing from regional and local budgets – 50% of the required amount was allocated region, another 50% is allocated to the session of the city Council. Now this is the first apartment which we have provided to internally displaced persons. the next two apartments. The procedure will be competition and two families will get their long-awaited home,” commented Vladimir. mayor Rodinsky Catherine Andreichenko says

According to him, Irina will help to make repair and to buy necessary furniture.

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For more than nine thousand people across the country have applied for participation in the program “Affordable housing”, implemented by the State Fund of youth housing assistance. Among them 70% were immigrants.


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