The Memorandum on fair elections was signed by 6 presidential candidates

The presidential candidates , Yulia Timoshenko, Anatoly Gritsenko, Andriy Sadovy, Alexander Shevchenko and Viktor Bondar Thursday, February 8, signed a Memorandum “For honest elections”.

This occurred during the political talk show “Right to rule”.

Later politicians were joined by another contender for the post of President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky. “‘ll sign once I’m in you,” voiced the message received during the programme leading.

The relevant document contains a number of commitments from the candidates regarding the content of the falsification of the election results.

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Here is the full text of the Memorandum:

“We, the presidential candidates of Ukraine, realizing that the Foundation of a democratic society are free and democratic elections; realizing the importance to ensure the democratic development of Ukraine; unite our efforts to counter the falsification of elections and protection of free and fair expression of will of Ukrainian citizens.

Today the integrity and transparency of the elections is again in jeopardy. Numerous facts indicate that the government is preparing for a massive falsification of the election results.

Such attempts to rig the elections to destroy our children’s future. Consequences of falsification of results of elections could create chaos, the loss of Ukraine subjectivity. Ukraine may get off the path of democratic development and lose the European vector of integration.

The initiative “For fair elections” is designed to protect the right of Ukrainians for a fair election and, as a consequence, to protect the democratic path of Ukraine’s development.

We call on other candidates, politicians, community leaders, volunteers, all active citizens of Ukraine to join the initiative “For fair elections”.

We also call upon every citizen of Ukraine, not to allow to involve itself in the process of rigging the election, and report all the facts and attempts of fraud to the coordinating Council, which will be created by our political forces.

Author: TSN

Presidential candidates of Ukraine signed the document on fair elections

We also appeal to our international partners urging them to help protect the free choice of the Ukrainian people. Together we must do all that under the feet of the counterfeiters “burned earth” in Ukraine and abroad. So each forger from the most senior to the ordinary performer, was named publicly and were justly punished for complicity in the crime.

All attempts to rig the election in Ukraine has always ended tragically for those who have tried to do it. No one will be able to do now. Ukraine – not Russia.

We agree on coordination of efforts and joint actions for the protection of rights of Ukrainian citizens for fair elections, and democratic development of the country.”


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