The Mediterranean diet is beneficial for the elderly

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The Mediterranean diet is fast becoming one of the most preferred diets for a healthy lifestyle. As the name implies, this popular diet is usually observed in the Mediterranean countries. It is characterized by high consumption of vegetable products, grains, vegetables, nuts and olive oil and limits the consumption of unhealthy proteins and fats.

It is known that such diet is beneficial for the cardiovascular system, improves brain activity and is also associated with a decreased risk of cancer. According to a recent study, a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and nuts, may reduce the risk of bone fragility in elderly people

For the study, published in the “American Geriatrics Society”, echague conducted a systematic review and meta-analysis of four previously published studies. During this analysis they studied the relationship between adherence to the Mediterranean diet and the development of bone fragility in the elderly.

The study included analysis 5 789 people over 60 years living in France, Spain, Italy and China.

“It is expected that nutrition plays a crucial role in the development of strong bones, and we found that the Mediterranean diet may help older people to maintain muscle strength, activity, weight, and high energy level,” said Kate Walters from the London College of London (UCL).

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