The media review. Tea, coffee and seafood

The main football event of last week was, of course, held in Bucharest, Saturday the draw for the final tournament of UEFA Euro 2020. But other events were missing. Ukrainian envoys spent the match 5 th round of group tournaments of the European Cup.

And in the Verkhovna Rada began the work of the Temporary investigative Commission to examine and assess ambiguous, to put it mildly, the facts of activities in recent years, the FFU/the UAF and its leadership headed by the odious Andrey Pavelko.

However, everything in the strand.


The only representative of Ukraine in the Champions League, Shakhtar Donetsk, was faced with a difficult and largely predictable, as it seemed most of the fans of forecasts, departure to Manchester city. Why predictable? Yes, because previous visits to Albion left bad memories.

And all the guest the history of relations between domestic teams from the English is full of terrifying statistics. No wins in 30 games, six draws, with goal difference 16:61. Only two Ukrainian clubs managed to miss (0:0), three more – score more than one goal.

Did not promise anything good and the bookmakers. The coefficient on the victory of the hosts was about 1.17, the draw – 7.5.

More surprising and enjoyable was productive of the world (1:1). However, here the main issue is that it has brought? Manchester city – the first place in the group and early exit in final part of tournament. Hence the restraint in vain attempts against the obvious gaming of the crisis (as evidenced by the results in the League) and the absence through injury of several key players.

Including our Alexander Zinchenko, who underwent knee surgery and only started to recover. Some zealous admirers of his talent have agreed to the fact that this saw the main cause of the recent woes of Manchester United. And why not? That return Zinchenko, and “city” again will start all to smash right and left.

And that brought a draw “Shakhtar”? Absolutely nothing – says the chief editor of the weekly “Football” Artem Francs.

Shakhtar with all the amendments to that no justification is given man city gave a great game, especially Andriy Pyatov, and, of course, the manor with Solomon, – syroniziroval the venerable author to the author of the only goal the miners. – Dodo seems to have secured the right flank for long – Alaverdi Butko with Babacom” (“Football”, 28.11.19).

But in the end?

“Just think, hard – won, desirable, tough draw! And – really nothing – continues Francs. – Look at the standings. Match “Shakhtar” – “Atalanta” in Kharkov is decisive. In short, nothing to turn heads on the sides – important to winning a game, specific and achievable, even if you have to fight against such friends Dad Gomez and Ruslan Malinovsky in a duet!” (“Football”, 28.11.19).

Editor of “Football” was echoed by his Deputy Andrey Shakhov: Shakhtar surprised. Not as much as expected. But man city once again showed that when he doesn’t need to win, he’s not very this and craves. Remember home 0:0 with Dynamo, the last play the year before the tour. This should confuse the fans, as the city plays in Zagreb and, I suspect, there will be many reservists” (, 17.11.19).

However, according to some observers, worthy of miners in Manchester will help the development of young, above all, the Brazilian players of Shakhtar.

“Skeptics confidently buried Shakhtar, predicting the miners meeting with the football roller and a crushing defeat – wrote Barkov. And the more surprising the result of the match, the teams shared the points. It is no secret that Bayern is going through difficult time, the Catalan coach and his players, the crisis of ideas. But this still had to use it. Luís Castro could!” (, 27.11.19).

“Castro was able to compensate for the loss Marlos and taison at the expense of the Aunt and Linnets, in turn, noted Lubomir Chetyrbok. The Brazilian could become a hero if he hit the empty net in the first half. Also in the opening minutes came the Dodo, and after the break, Solomon and Marcos.

The coaching course to trust in an important match promising players and test their fight is justified. Therefore, we can assume that in the winter Shakhtar might break up with Tyson, who in recent years has become very problematic” (, 27.11.19).

Finally, the opinion of Valery Vasilenko: “a blessing in disguise. Against man city in the “Shakhtar” could not play two key by – taison and Marlos. But because of their lack of the game the Donetsk team did not become worse. Aunt replaced Marlos on the right flank, gave a qualitative match. And substitute Solomon became a man of the match” (, 26.11.19).

Well, the final match of group tournament against the Italian “Atalanta” – a great opportunity for the youth to Donetsk justify issued advances to her. Well, for the points in the table, of course, thank you. Because the other two of our Ambassador and the point has not turned out.


In contrast to Shakhtar, Kiev “Dynamo” in the match with Swedish “Malmo” were the favorite. At least in the calculations of bookmakers. In offices the probability of winning the white-blue was estimated at 37-38 percent, the Scandinavians gave 33-34.

“I don’t know what they are guided, it is possible – naked statistics, – expressed his opinion football Manager and expert Vyacheslav Sahowala. – With the Swedes playing on the road is always difficult. They are organized, fight and run. However, I don’t believe in miracles. Class of Dynamo is much higher. If Kiev will play our own game, we should not lose” (, 28.11.19).

However, the already mentioned Andrey Shakhov was plagued by vague doubts: “Immediately after the draw, wrote that it was in malmö – the most difficult away game for Dynamo in the group stage. And not because it’s cold, or the opponent is stronger than “Copenhagen”. Just Malmo purely home team. She took second place in the championship behind at the point of “djurgården”, but the lion’s share scored in their own stadium. So wait, on the one hand, impatiently, and with another – the fear of this match.” (, 25.11.19).

An interesting point of view on the upcoming fight was expressed by the chief editor of “Football club” Igor Linnik: “I Have a feeling that the game can be easy. In this group – draw-draw-draw. “Dynamo” the match is not scored more than one goal. And in any game was not someone’s overwhelming advantage.

Malmo will play at home and will want to return to struggle for an exit in the playoffs. It is hoped that with the players “Dynamo” conducted pedagogical work in the implementation plan. Because the Swedes would not allow the opponent to create a lot of chances which made “Mariupol”. Most likely, the result of this match will be a margin of one goal“. (, 28.11.19).

And so it happened. The Dynamo twice came from behind during the game, managed to take the lead, then equalized, but in the end lost with 3:4.

“It’s hard to play when every match begins with a goal. This is not the first time, so the conclusion is that there is not enough concentration, it is difficult included in the game. The game in the first half was good enough, was reassuring. But, unfortunately, after the break, again going a goal we had to start everything from the beginning.

Then the removal guys started to get nervous, the game was broken. The fellows that fought to the end, ten men were able to win. However, in the last seconds again is not enough attention. You need to accept the situation for what it is. We still have a game in hand, which will all depend on” – this was the comment by the head coach of Dynamo Alexei Mikhailichenko (, 29.11.19).

A game in hand – on 12 December with Swiss “Lugano”, the outsider of the group. But count on the indulgence of an outsider inadmissible, enough. Again, probably need pedagogical work, not only in terms of realizing aspects. But purely educational.

Sydorchuk in malmö frankly failed, from-for search of cards now also will not play Shabanov and Verbic. And we need a victory, and more convincing, not to be in direct dependence on result of a parallel match Copenhagen – malmö, by a margin of two goals.

And while opinions on what happened with Dynamo in Sweden during the break, have not received a logical explanation. Although the point of view of some experts, looks quite extravagant.

Alex Mickle officiating estimate did not, although he hinted at it. However, the arbitration of the Czech Kralovec really might seem biased. Put “Dynamo” on the card, and an honored veteran of Swedish football, 37-year-old Markus Rosenberg who performed the last match in his career, all let down with it. Although the three ran into the shot. However, smiled. Unlike Sidorchuk, quit the judge with an angry tirade and povsem in the hearts of the ball.

“Such outright murder have not seen, – admitted already mentioned Vyacheslav Sahowala. And there’s a logical diagnosis. It’s revenge. There were two episodes in history. First: the claims of Prague “Slavia” to the referee in the match against “Dynamo”. Second: the participation of Grigory Surkis as a representative of UEFA in conflict with the Czech-Moravian football Union. Surkis as a representative of UEFA has taken a very principled position. And I will not be persuaded that this is not a revenge”, – the expert wrote on his page on Facebook (, 28.11.19).


Certainly the author is entitled to his opinion. Not only kralovec scored goals in the gate “Dinamo”, he would not remove Sidorchuk, if he freaked out, threw in a dubious tackle by Mikolenko when the gate is white-blue was organized victory for the Scandinavians on goal. However, who knows – maybe kralovec?

Meanwhile, in journalistic and expert community were enough of other opinions.

“If you concede four goals from teams like Malmo, the question arises what we can expect and where, in what place, with characteristic irony reacted to the defeat differently. – What was it? The first half is good. Yes, again conceded an early goal but took the lead for the first time in this group scored two goals. And after a break in the field there were absolutely other commands. Angry and aggressive Malmo, who clearly knows the way to goal Busana, and absolutely helpless, does not understand what to do, “Dynamo” (, 29.11.19).

Especially angered Franc breakdown team captain Sydorchuk: “It’s red card – it’s so “Garmash style”, so it is unusual for Sergei that it is time to investigate what happened. First, this is not the first red card Sidorchuk for the last time. Second, it is unclear why such a cool guy acquired an aggressive temperament and summed partner. In a situation where a team has only one sensible nose” (, 29.11.19).

However, the chief editor of “Football” I am sure that the defeat to Malmo in no case will not prevent the output of the Dynamo from the group. Except one small thing – in their own stadium to beat the Lugano.

“I don’t know, and I’m personally happy to Dynamo in the group stage of the Europa League everything will be decided in the last round – he wrote in Facebook famous Creator Alexander Popov. And with the “Lugano” will need not just how to play and take the field goal to win, and better in two goals, not to look at a parallel match” (29.11.19).

A different view Dmitry Vatras: “Instead of having to go through the group stage, Dynamo decided to make the fans performance. The intrigue spun sickly. You know, a dubious gift, to be honest. White-blue simply had to ensure an early exit in the playoffs. For the second year in a row fortune has thrown to Kiev was a weak group. In all matches it was obvious that the rivals are nothing. And how could manage to win only one victory?” (, 29.11.19).

Remained the main question the answer to which depends, whether will break “Dinamo” in the spring part of the Europa League will not fail you again the implementation of the 12 December match against Lugano?


From whom did not expect exploits in the Europa League, so this is “Alexandria”. The team representing the district and forced to play home games in Lviv, and so jumped above the head, having the right to play in the group stage. And it face in the dirt does not hit, did not allow himself openly to disappoint their fans.

Of course, in the match against German “Wolfsburg” all the cards were in the hands of the guests. Although not unimportant form and the lack of a number of leading performers.

“For the “Alexandria” part in this competition – a very exciting adventure, – said the famous TV commentator Alexei Andronov. Looking at its composition, it is possible to understand, what is the current level of the championship of Ukraine. There are only two teams set themselves serious objectives. And between them a big gap. So the statement “Alexandria” is only respect” (, 28.11.19).

Wolfsburg Andronov called pragmatic rival, who will arrive in Ukraine exclusively for the result. Despite some problems, this it’s all there. Including sufficient experience of playing at the continental arena.

Alexandria lost (0:1), the fate of the match decided, if not doubtful, it is stretched from the penalty spot. However, the team’s head coach Volodymyr Sharan was not discouraged: “Wolfsburg” – the strongest club in our group. Good selection of performers, and not all played due to injuries. It’s hard to play against such an opponent on equal terms. But we did everything we could. So the boys are happy“. (, 28.11.19).

Also Sharan told that it pleased the President of the club, I experienced unforgettable emotions. And allocated bonuses to the players. “Very few presidents voiced the amount for the defeat,” said the head coach. And said: “But we don’t for money to play football.”

Their emotions are experienced and those who lit the match. “Let “Alexandria and lost all chance at least in second place, the team should be commended, – says Andrey Fesun. Ukrainians never gave up, kept thinking how to score. Yes, at times lacked skill. Somewhere experience. But nothing for the first group stage more than adequately. Now we have to slam the door and beat the “Gent”. (Footboom. withom, 28.11.19).

“Path “Alexandria” will not be called excellent, but Ukrainian fans are clearly not ashamed of the performance of the wards Sharan – did not fail to mention Anton Lemeshko. The Alexandrians didn’t get a single victory, however just one defeat in the group stage of Europa League with Wolfsburg, “Saint-Etienne” and “Gent” is a good achievement. Lost Alexandria to the Germans, so it is appropriate to speak of revenge. Alas, the class of the German team once again played a role” (, 28.11.19).

As a result, Ukraine scored only one point in three matches in the UEFA coefficients table. Divide into five teams that started the season, – 0,200 points. For comparison, our major competitors – the Dutch and the Turks gained respectively and 0,800 0,600 points. What does it mean?

And the fact that, being on 10th place we further behind the first and second closer let.

“The rivalry with the Netherlands is strategic, because the 10-th place means that the Vice-champion of Ukraine in the season 2021/2022 will start second and third qualifying round of the Champions League – like website And if Ukraine will miss the Turkey, the champion of our country will lose the right of guaranteed participation in the group tournament and will start round of the playoffs”. (29.11.19).

While the factor of safety for a couple of seasons we have enough. But what will happen next, no one knows. The level of the championship of the country falls, qualification of players and entire teams is in doubt, interest of the audience below the level of the early 1990s. the match of the 15th round “Alexandria” – “the dawn” it’s only 937 people, “Karpaty” – “Olimpik” – 754.

AU, the Premier League, which promised the capacity crowd? Where the massive hype in the pursuit of tickets? Where sponsors and patrons? Probably the same place where Thomas Grimm.

Ukrainian Association football, led by their leader Pavelko turned the Ukrainian League into a laughing stock. The organizers improvised, improvised disciplinary bodies, such as improvised methods of struggle against negative phenomena. Which a dime a dozen, and in fact – all in openwork.

But to deny Dynamo, which, by the way, on their home matches an average more than 15 and a half thousand spectators (the second on this indicator Shakhtar – 7 793), to conduct the game with the support of the fans is, please.

At the time, when “the Dynamo” under the direction of Valeriy Lobanovskiy was making quite a splash in Europe and had no equal in Ukraine, then-President Grigoriy Surkis emphasized that a truly competitive team can only be created in conditions of serious competition.

This principle he followed when he headed the Professional football League, it’s defended, being on a post of the President of FFU. Ukrainian championship was considered one of the strongest in Europe.

Where is today’s competitive clubs from the Dnieper, Kharkov, Zaporozhye, Lvov, Nikolaev – no offense to Alexandria or Kovalivka? And what happens to Ukrainian football in favor of unilateral interests?

Listen to the opinion of the General Director of “Dawn” Sergey Rafailova: “Shakhtar have a lot to learn. The organization higher. But they forgot, I don’t want to understand or never understood that there are more teams. This is evident throughout. There on the altar I would do everything just to win first place.

What they do with young players? Say: “We have it still will take”. Go to parents and do take. Here Totovitskyy – you have no idea what the football player. The best dribbler in Ukraine, no more. Where we found Malysheva, Malinowski, Karavaeva, Shevchenko? These are all young players and put a cross. They would not exist.

The only purpose – just not in the “Dynamo”. All pick themselves, to weaken the other. Then they will remember my words. Because it is impossible to weaken the Ukrainian championship” (, 28.11.19).


On 30 November in Bucharest hosted the event, which will long haunt the minds of not only the representatives of the media, but experts and analysts of various kinds, heads of federations, coaches and even the players themselves.

The participants of the final tournament of UEFA Euro 2020 have learned their opponents in groups. However, not all. Cumbersome selection added the League of Nations, and still to get on the continental forum has claimed 16 teams – as promised. Everyone has their own way. Winners of four of these paths will join those who have already won spots.

The national team of Ukraine, as is known in the game early was a finalist. And away draw with Serbia in the final round (2:2) guaranteed her the right to be seeded in the first basket. However, this does not alleviate the plight of the blue-yellow.

Sowing conditions were such that many of the commands previously found, in which cities of Europe (and the forum, will remind, will be held in 12 countries) they will have to act. And many learned and rival (and sometimes two).

So Ukraine was in a group, where her opponent was determined the the Netherlands. An important component of the actual draw in Bucharest was the opponent’s choice of the third basket, where he was the reigning champion and the winner of the League of Nations – team Portugal.

Running into Cristiano Ronaldo and his partners had if you don’t like death, to put it mildly, undesirable. First, because other potential competitors (Turkey, Austria, Sweden and the Czech Republic) looked better. Second, with the Portuguese we have enough in qualifying. And well beat them, adding, in the case of another date, sports rage.

We can say, the team of Andrey Shevchenko was lucky – our opponent was Austria. Good team power, are physically powerful, but quite edible.

The fourth group member will have to wait. If the path And will benefit Romania, and she will complete our Quartet. If not – one of four candidates the way D: Georgia – Belarus, Macedonia – Kosovo. The second option, it is easy to notice is preferable. But if I was called penny, nothing to rely on the favor of fortune. The winners of the paths will be determined in March.

But the schedule of our team in the final is known. 14 June 2020 in Amsterdam blue and yellow will meet with the Dutch. 18th in Bucharest a representative of one of the paths (A or D). And on June 22, and also in the Romanian capital, with Austria.

According to preliminary information, to prepare our team to travel to Amsterdam will be in Kharkov, and then the host will choose Bucharest. March planned friendlies with France and Poland. Here, in fact, everything about the outcome of the draw. But no less interesting to get acquainted with the opinion of stakeholders.

“Easy opponents does not happen, we understand this perfectly well – noted in his comments to the TV channel “Football 1” coach of our team Andrey Shevchenko. – A very difficult first game against the Netherlands. This is a very strong team stocked with great players led by a great coach. Play away, so it will be hard.

Austria is also complicated. Let’s see who will be the last opponent. In any case, I think we have good chances to qualify from the group. A lot will depend on what state our players will approach the European championship. Most importantly, to avoid injuries” (, 30.11.19).

Shevchenko added that he would like to start the tournament against such a powerful opponent like the Netherlands. It’s one of the strongest teams of the continent. But once it was decided by lot, not going anywhere.

“We should not underestimate the Ukrainian team, in turn, said steering orange Ronald Koeman. She was in the same qualifying group as Portugal and won it. We know how hard it is to beat the Portuguese, fortunately, they are not in our Quartet.” (, 30.11.19).

Cautiously reacted to the results of the draw and the head coach of the Austrians Franco Foda: “We do not choose opponents against whom we play. In the end we have a very strong group. The Netherlands is an absolute favorite. Ukraine has completed the qualifying tournament unbeaten, leaving behind Portugal and Serbia.

Our last opponent will be known in March. But at the European championship can not be excluded surprises, and we will do our best to reach the playoffs” (, 30.11.19).


Traditionally advertized on the football coterie arrived in the Romanian capital and head of the FFU/the UAF.

“I Chudova Nastro virushow to Bucharest, de tomorrow budesa spline the meeting was President the General secretarv usih 55 evropeyskih futbolny of the Association, wrote Pavelko on his page in Facebook on Thursday.

…Poperedu Cheema sustra peregovorov s cervicali NSA futbolny associations to the colleagues W UFA. Nadzvychaina Prime uves Tsey hour otrisovat privtae s akravim the exit of Ukraine on the national zbro Col s Andrm Shevchenko Euro-2020.

Many colleagues z RSNA countries vjnetcast Tsey USPH have par s stolichnym triumph Molodin zbro Ukraine on CHempionat world, govoreci about zrostannya our football in General. Wrimo in Nashi zbrn, wrimo in the head of the country team that gotos to sustr s new by opponents”. (28.11.19).

Curiously, this time at home Pavelko also discussed the topic of football, and not less authoritative people. However, the domestic audience is not sounded laudatory and enthusiastic words addressed to FFU/the UAF.

“Read posts by Andrei Vasilevich in the social network – it is time not only to shed a tear for the fact, to what heights reached domestic football, but also to recall the phrase of Ostap Bender: “the most Interesting man! All you have to order. Amazing! With such happiness and freedom!..” reminded Pavelko about matters more mundane Taras Savchuk of “Football club” (, 29.11.19).

On 28 November its first meeting held the Temporary investigative Commission of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on investigation of corruption in Ukrainian Association football (UAF). The meeting was attended by journalists and members of the public.

Andriy Pavelko pointedly pretended not to notice this extraordinary event in his life. And for good reason. The people around are very even noticed. For example, the journalist Savchuk made in the title of your material very clearly the phrase – “From Bucharest to arrest?”. And how would Pavelko was not trying to seem aloof and arrogant, as if he did not try to escape from an unpleasant issue in the corridors of UEFA, as if the embezzler and corrupt hiding behind the success of our national team – the Damocles sword of retribution still hung over his head.

VSK was established on the initiative of the “Servant of the people” headed by the representative of this political force Anatoly Kostyuk. Opening the session, the Chairman noted that the Commission will strictly adhere to the principle of the sport is outside politics. Therefore, all actions of the authorized persons within the scope of the FAC will be focused exclusively on figuring out how adequate are the insights of law enforcement agencies, already engaged in “business Pavelko”.

The Secretary of the Commission elected doctor of law Mikhail Tsymbalyuk. In total, the VSC includes eight deputies. One of them, the Vice-President of the Commission in the past experienced law enforcement officer with many years of experience – Gregory Nurse as outlined to journalists the results of the first meeting of the FAC.

“I heard about what the facts are recorded, but the law enforcement system they are not investigating for more than two years of not working with these criminal proceedings. We also voted for inclusion in the agenda and development directions regarding the investigation on the allocation of budget funds, which officials they had been wasted or not. We also decided on bringing professionals and specialists in all industries. Including – commodity, which can assess certain items and help the law enforcement bodies and the VSC to understand and objectively make a decision as to were theft and violation or not,” – said the Deputy. ( 28.11.19).

A particularly thorough investigation, as noted by those present at the meeting, require many corrupt abuses of the leadership of the UAF, headed Pavelko, which led to the plunder of 1,25 billion UAH allocated from the state budget and local budgets as full payment for the construction of football fields, most of which are never completed.

For example, in Kiev of the planned 32 sites built only three, despite the fact that one hundred percent of the funds, the contractors were paid at the end of 2018.

But perhaps the most shocking information was provided by the Director of the company “Newport Management Ltd”, which since 1999 has served as a financial agent of the FFU, Andreas Sofocleous. He reported that the results of an internal investigation and an independent audit, conducted by Deloitte, it was revealed that from April 2015 to end of 2016 the company “Newport Management Ltd” pursuant to written orders of the FFU sent more than 13 million Euro received from UEFA in the interests of the FFU, on account of dubious foreign companies as payment for goods that could not be used in the activities of the FFU.

In particular, it is more than 30 tons of tea, 10 tons of coffee, more than two tons of seafood and a large number of electric lamps and electronics.

On these facts under investigation by law enforcement agencies of Ukraine and Cyprus.

While the investigation will make their own conclusions, it will take time. And people can’t wait, he is already fantasizing. In social networks, for example, are increasingly popular version of the group of fans that Pavelko no money for bonus payments to the players and coaches of the national teams. No U-20 for the championship of the world, nor even the country’s main team, led by Andriy Shevchenko for a magical exit at Euro 2020.

No money because of payments to their surroundings mind-blowing salaries in hundreds of thousands hryvnias. Therefore, they say, is the main football staff in the country and forced to engage in non-core business, to somehow fill your budget until the next tranche of FIFA and UEFA. Officials from the House of football neither confirmed nor denied such speculation to the public…

Returning to TSC, she also not paid attention to the information regarding the Declaration of Andriy Pavelko false information about income and assets that are the subject of an investigation by the National anti-corruption Bureau.

“From the information that we already know, there are more than ten criminal proceedings that are registered in the Unified registry, – added the Secretary of the Commission. – But to find out, whether there are at it check whether or not expertise, or maybe they finished and someone charged with suspicion – all these tasks are also faced by the interim Commission (, 28.11.19).

Michael Tsymbalyuk also stressed that the work of the Commission of inquiry will be open, inviting members of the public. Will be given the opportunity to speak and those who featured in the investigation process. In particular, Andrew Pavelko. For truth will involve independent experts. Most importantly, encourage law enforcement to action to all of society knew about what was going on.

“But what is known at the initial stage, and we are talking not even about hundreds of thousand, and about millions, tens of millions in foreign currency, can not but cause concern”, – summed up the MP. (, 28.11.19).

The Commission approved the schedule of meetings, major areas of work and indicative schedule. Agreed list and the content appeals to law enforcement agencies and parliamentary inquiries to the appropriate investigative units for immediate provision of information on the status of the conduct of pre-trial investigations.

About all the developments of the FAC will be reported to the media. By the way, the topic of the investigation of corruption in Ukrainian football details dissected by the leading national TV channels (inter, 112, Newsone, Zik and others), as well as numerous online resources and periodicals.

The case remained for small – to establish the truth. But if we are talking not only about artificial grass and fake sites, but also about tea, coffee, seafood, lamps, electronics and other modern “manufacture”, it was right Bender, asking questions to Mr. Koreiko. Maybe Pavelko?

To summarize the words of Taras Savchuk: “the Premiere meeting of the Temporary investigative Commission in the “case of Andriy Pavelko” had a bright and notable speakers, to allow everyone to understand the corruption aspect of the activities of the head of the national football Association in the Verkhovna Rada was engaged in earnest and serious.

Hopefully, the findings of a comprehensive impartial investigation will be made public in the near future. Follow the verdicts and the relevant law enforcement agencies – like the answers to a lot of accumulated questions about the omissions in the history, has long been is an open secret” (, 29.11.19).