The media review. Another diversion

When domestic football is not burdened with the games teams or competitions, the flames of the media fire often adds national Federation. Was no exception and last week.

However, the number one topic for the press and fans in the past week remained the country’s top team, Notre completed to qualify for EURO 2020.


After the euphoria of striking Dynamo Kiev, Artem Besedin, thanks to which “blue-yellow” leveled the score in the matches with Serbia (2:2), has not gone down. And already ahead of the draw ceremony, scheduled for 30 November in Bucharest, and systematic preparation for the summer games with future opponents.

While the media egged the results the victory March the wards of Andrey Shevchenko. The figures are as follows: in 2019, the Ukrainian team scored seven wins, three games ended in a draw and never suffered a single defeat. Gaining 24 points out of 30 (80%), Ukrainians showed the eighth result among the 55 European teams.

“The greatest success this year was achieved by Belgium and Italy, which celebrated Victoria in all 10 games. Any match, in addition to the Belgians, the Italians and our own, is not lost as Spain and Denmark,” calculated (20.11.19).

If you dig deeper, November, 2018, then you can wipe and record. Considering last year’s cut, the Ukrainians are behind 11 straight wins without a defeat. This is one of the longest episodes in our history. More impressive cycles without failure was met only three times. And they are all in range.

“In 2004-2005 and 2012-2013, our team didn’t lose for 12 matches. And in 1998-1999 – 13 matches. Holds the record for 20 years, but in 2020 could be beaten. Before the European championship should be a number of friendlies. But in friendlies our team lost the last time on 6 June 2017. However, Malta 0:1. And it gives to understand that we can give to anyone, if not tune-up” – recalls and alerts (19.11.19).

Having dealt with numbers, it should be stated, and the fact that the team also showed a great game on the course. Only in matches against Portugal and an away match against Serbia we had the ball less than the opponent. The coaching staff of the national team managed to instil confidence in players and convince them that they are able to act from a position of strength.

“Yes, was a worthy, notable, and just great matches in the performance of the national team of Ukraine before. From the “older” we remember the victory of a name of Sergey Nazarenko over England, victory over France in Kiev, beating Montenegro started in a numerical minority, the guest success in the match with Poland. But what distinguished those good fights from the current success of the team Andriy Shevchenko? The fact that the results of the national team Shevchenko is a derivative of the quality of the game, from the operation of built system, as mentioned in the beginning of a paragraph, local success is more of a situational asset,” notes (18.11.19).

“The team was getting results, showing nice attacking football. The coaching staff of the Shevchenko chose the thorny path, putting a complicated game with ball control, various positional combinations, instant concrescence and the introduction of some new parts for each opponent.

Most importantly, the players understand the entire process. The last freight train with Estonia is once again confirmed: Shevchenko released the reserve, however, the game concept has not changed, and the players surely realize their options,” adds (18.11.19).

Moreover, the monitoring site “Futbol” in terms of the slow dive club in the depths of the table of factors UEFA national team became for the Ukrainian fans an outlet and a favorite topic for discussion. Not with skepticism, but in a tone of enthusiasm and optimism. “Team number one” on the marketing banner and in the shower. There is no sense to dump negativity on this protected island comparative prosperity.

“Allow yourself for a change just be happy and enjoy the end of the qualifying tournament with no remarks or reservations. First. In the group with European Champions and winners of the League of Nations. With a separation on points. Without a defeat. In the first basket. And all of the case. Sanguinosa. Bo mi also wart”. (, 17.11.19).

By the way, once in the first seeding pot, the Ukrainians are automatically avoided meetings with top Belgium, Italy, England, Germany and Spain. At the same time, because of the peculiarities of the UEFA regulations, “blue-yellow” automatically went to the team of the Netherlands (and Romania, if that will be the playoffs) in the group C matches which will take place in Amsterdam and Bucharest. “Joints” will be played in March 2020, they will determine the last four finalists of the tournament.

By the way, in the same month, players of the national team of Ukraine is supposed to receive and award for reaching the finals of the European championship. This was reported by the journalist of TV “Football 1/2” Igor Burbas. According to him, after a draw match with the Serbs in the locker room of our team went FFU President/the UAF Andriy Pavelko and promised reward for a successful qualifying campaign.

“However, not this year, but when tranche from UEFA. It will be in March next year”, – said I. Barbas. (, 17.11.19).

What are the promises of the head of the national Association, all have long known. It is therefore not surprising that social networks are his assurances were received with sarcasm. In particular, the chief editor of the weekly Artem Franko criticized the approach FFU/the UAF to such issues.

“Touched by the news (gossip? rumor?) that Andriy Pavelko went to the locker room of the Ukraine national team after the match with the Serbs and promised to pay in March. I hope at least money and not artificial turf. Greetings from the youth team – Champions of the world. Them also have some Hope that all is not limited to the brave and Patriotic “thank you”?

In fact, the premium had to be agreed before the start of the qualifying cycle – the number and order of their payment, patceva-podobizna or the final result. Or this sorry mess. So the maximum which could Pavelko – report that everything is going according to the agreed plan, or that everything went to hell, because FFU no money. Generally, it is very wrong and ugly to make the wait for the promised six months. Somehow do not trust the government, especially knowing how she’s not hurting herself! Don’t know how the players of the national team, and I shrug. Even without the historical connotations,” wrote A. Francs in the Telegram. (, 18.11.19).

Collections, indeed, only and remains what to hope and believe. The winners of the world championship among 20-year-old will not lie – they still have not received a penny. This week confirmed one of the victors in Poland, defender of FC Olimpik Donetsk Igor Snurnitsyn.

“They say that the reward I got the new IPhone? No, not true. Money we were not given…” – said the player (21.11.19).


It is encouraging that, despite the disregard on the part of the managers of the House of football, Ukrainian juniors continue to stamp victories.

Thus, the U-19 team under the direction of Oleg Kuznetsov in the week won a ticket to the elite round of the UEFA EURO 2020, in a head-on match, beating their peers from Sweden (2:1). The highest praise deserves, and former coach of world Champions Alexander Petrakov. Taking a team of 17-year-old, he immediately brought her to the elite round of the eurotram-2020. And also first place in the group and no goals conceded!

And how to be insulting to the mentor to observe the disastrous performance of most of their former “gold” wards under the banner of the youth team. Three defeats in four matches of UEFA EURO 2021 deprived her of almost all chances of an exit in a final part. Yes, and in away friendly match against Azerbaijan, occupying in their qualifying group in fifth place, has not developed (1:1). A team headed by ex-defender “Metalist” Milan Obradovic, thoroughly shuffled the Junior Ruslan rotan.

But after the draw for the qualifying tournament in the bright prospects of this squad was hard to believe willingly. In contrast to the last national team Alexander Golovko, who ran on the British (became Champions) and Dutch, now Ukraine has not got the top teams. Romania and Denmark are strong young people, but they are mostly no better than our guys. In fact, it was quite different.

It is logical that most of the media blame for the fiasco of a coach. The press is sympathetic to Rotan as the once great footballer and a good man, but said that the nice guy is not a profession.

“VI do you know TSE vzhe hardly Chi Divo, mi zvykli to such speeches will push stroke for this reason Oseni. I TSE sprawd scary after so Utrecht gold pokolinnja Ukrayinsky football. Ti Sami hloptsi, that purose that kuwali Peremoga on maladina CHempionat world, at a time vigladit pomnim have zero matches ugboro nastupnogo Euro. Chi could futbolli nestlike spavalica for ssti months? If th so, TSE mg bootie Hiba odinochniy the case, but not the whole team. Then the cause of such total failure Varto shukati much have person head coach of the team. The trainer, pid guns provides progravshih Finlyandiï Ukraine (0:2), Rumon (0:3) TA Dan (2:3)” – angry (17.11.19).

At the same time, the media noted that rotan became a hostage of circumstances. According to rumors, the candidacy of Ruslan suggested FFU/the UAF head coach of the main team Andriy Shevchenko. To try to instill a “team” game, which is betting the national team. This is confirmed by Igor Cigaņiks, presenter of the program “Profootball”:

“The team that won the world Cup U-20, played aggressive physical football, built on counter-attacking game. When rotan took the youth team, he received instructions from the head coach of the national team Andriy Shevchenko, tried to build the team according to the same principles that work in the national team. The idea was to create a so-called vertical teams. As a result, now the youth team is quite a serious problem.” (, 20.11.19).

Asks not to jump to conclusions and first Vice-President of Federation Oleg Protasov.

“The result is not the one we wanted. Some require the resignation of rotan, questioning the quality of the work. But don’t hurry. It would seem that the guys came world Champions, were the older guys. No one looks at what the coaching staff had to re-mount command. It wasn’t a team.

In the first match with Finland was 5 guys are world Champions. It was not teamwork, this result. We need to continue to mold the team, to see if someone is not suitable. Was individual errors that affected the result. The team is immature, it is we recognize. But no one doubts that the team is promising,” he said in the program “Football format” (22.11.19).

However, with such approach categorically do not agree journalists and experts. For example, the chief editor of Football weekly Artem Franko, commenting on an interview with O. Protasova, reasonably asks:

“One question Protasov on motives of the read: promising for what? The selection on Euros has already been lost, therefore, and to the Olympics we will not go. The next qualifying round will play for another youth team. So what and how much to mold the team?” – wrote A. Francs in his telegram channel. (, 24.11.19).

In turn, a well-known expert Oleg Fedorchuk believes that the outcome and need to put in the forefront in the case of the youth team.

“It’s a saying in football – excuse. When you say “vertical”, where all the teams should play in single player, I remember Riancho Dynamo and the national team. When it tried to play in Spanish. Changed the assistant and the team plays football practical, rational. And now with continuity?

It seems to me that any coach needs to give the result. But if the team loses, then expect that someone from this team will hit, not worth it. From sports teams the result is always required. And a coach that the result does not give, is usually dismissed. Why rotan carte Blanche in the other direction? I honestly don’t understand.” (, 19.11.19).

Perhaps the approach in the framework of continuity and could be considered correct. However, the team now just can’t play in the style of the adult team. This is due to the lack of experience of the young guys, but most importantly, rotan none of those mothers helpers, which now relies Shevchenko.

How long does it take to work the current coach with the youth team, to solve our football officials. The rotan has no plans to leave, making plans for the future.

“Still have confidence that we are on the right track. But it is not necessary to speak about the tragedy. Gradually rebuilt, so next year the results should be better” – results in conclusion, the words of the coach (18.11.19).


In turn, the Federation has long been not up to their duties. There all the levers involved in covert war with the Kiev “Dynamo”, in which FFU/the UAF on Thursday made another diversion. Talking about the verdict of the disciplinary Committee on the scandalous events during the Kharkiv match between “Shakhtar” and the capital club.

“After rozpadu pondus, Mali, meeting place scho pid hour the match of the 14th round of “Shakhtar” – “Dynamo”, viznacheno: FC “Dinamo” held one home match without gledaju (plus one match without gledaju umove s viprobuval a string to CNCA season 2019/2020) that Zobov’yazanyy to make obov Ascoli penny of vnesok have rsmr 500 thousand UAH. Football of FC “Shakhtar” Tyson, vruchenii of s in fields that match, vastanante one FCU that has to d movno”, – reported the official website of the national Association. (, 21.11.19).

Later, the Secretary of the FTC FFU/the UAF Igor Grishchenko tried to explain on what basis such decision was made.

“For us the basic darazami Buli oftin reporti s match. Mi snimili z video, that poteryalsya in merezhi Internet, pobachili reaction futbolistu Dynamo I vernuli pay attention to d arbter. TSE all complex gave us comfortno Vpevnenist from our rsend” he said in comments (21.11.19).

What quickly received in response to a statement from the Kiev club, which reasonably refers to “selectivity of football justice” and the absurdity of the decision the FTC.

“Zaznaczenie rsena . akravim butt vibrowave football pravosudja, Oskolki vono Bulo prineto of vsuperech principles popnote, Ob chepest Sebel rozpadu Ref I in porsenna ustulina disciplinare practice organs the UAF that UFA.

Until Tsikh PR not zakoncheno Rosslyn kriminalnogo propaganda for facts pondus on USC “Metalist” scho unemotively proposed vinovato ABO osib nevinovate – imora poruchnik.

On Nashi Nedorezov USN pismo of zapiti on the address team the ruler match itslogo of telemovie TRC “Football” schodo nadannya video– audomaras match, godnic vdova not nadiyshlo. Moreover, when rozhled the right of the CDC of the UAF prognozov Dan argument here that the club that Vdovin have klopotan about wirabuana docasu, Chim roughly demolish the principle popnote rozpadu.

Ocrm also rsena about retribution from wyglad holding domashnyoho no gledaju for imorn porsenna, that could mother’s the meeting place pid hour withno Gris – je besprecedentnym, Oskolki practice thismany evropeyskih disciplinary organs swit about zastosuvannya podna sanctions vinyatkovo schodo nastupny visnich match.

Besshumno, take nepravomerno rsena bude occurrene our club visnadin reglament line. TSE bude zrobleno s dinou meta – vstanovlennya Stine the United Nations neprosti spraw, Oskolki nemozhlyvo priynyati Ob ctive rsena about vinovati ABO nevinovate club NSA that osib without povnogo sebeo Rosslyn obstavin incident”, – is spoken in the official statement of the Metropolitan club. (, 21.11.19).

Blatant legal mistakes from FFU/the UAF allow “Dynamo” to appeal a decision within the prescribed regulatory period. But, most likely, the appeal will be left without a positive verdict. And “Dynamo” will have to meet in an empty stadium. However, the President of Dynamo Igor Surkis intends to fight to the end, he promised in an interview on the eve of his 61st birthday.

“This is complete lawlessness on the part of the national Association in relation to the Dynamo and the fans. The FTC’s decision, the UAF is beyond common sense and logic. It’s hard to explain from any point of view. Judge for yourself on the events of the match “Shakhtar” – “Dynamo” is under investigation at the level of the national police. Our club encourages this investigation, we are most interested in its successful completion. At the moment investigations are ongoing, and we have been punished in full.

…Football club “Dynamo” will appeal this decision and will fight for the right of their fans to support the team in the stadium. It is our duty and we will do everything to make the fans of “Dynamo” remained without the game, and the team was left without their support.

Our club will defend the principles of zero tolerance to any discrimination in football. In particular, deprivation of the right of fans to support their favorite team, just because someone does not want to follow logic and common sense.” (, 22.11.19).

Interestingly, the Dynamo stood as the press and users of social networks, noting a double standard in determining the penalty against Kiev. In particular, reminded the media scandal on a match “Olimpik” – “the miner” at the end of 2017, when from the sector, on which the fans of the miners, was heard openly neo-Nazi and Pro-fascist chants.

To put a brake on the incident proved impossible – too many witnesses, and video with sound, unlike history with the Kharkiv match was present. Then the FTC decided to ban organized the departure of supporters for the next away match of the championship, the fans of the Donetsk team was able to attend the game by purchasing separate tickets for the conventional sector. And imposed a fine in the amount of 100 thousand UAH.

Now, it is sufficient to compare the maximum a half-million fine, closing the stands at a HOME game (average attendance of home matches of “Dinamo” in the championship 16 775 spectators). Total losses, not counting the image, is not less than a million. And on the other side of the scale, in fact, only the prohibition of the organised departure of fans at the away match.

“Comparable sanctions? In our country, unproven racism is a much bigger problem than Nazism? Or we have allowed the propaganda of fascism? Or Federation allowed these things personally and for one club? In General, the evidence as I understand it, no, but there is a verdict. The verdict in favor of one top club and not for the benefit of another. As always in Federation with Pavelko,” – says Evgeny Shakhov pages (21.11.19).

In fact, the “secret police” of the Ukrainian football again came to the problem from their point of view openly spit on their own laws. Which clearly spelled out the objectives: development and popularization of football in the spirit of peace, understanding and fair play; the resolution of disputes based on respect and equality. What kind of fair play, what kind of respect and equality after all that, can we talk?

“Scho it turns? “Fuck” Tyson je, and facts “racism” no! Acbi stink Boule, mi vzhe other week nalogovaia bi them the program’s all vdoma telekanalu. Scho care poculi I pobachili “swaki racism” in osob inspector after BEZPEKA? Newcome! Yak then logo rsen of the UAF, in osob – control disciplinario komato? No facts – nichogo terrible. Then ª smachny “fuck” all ubawareta kislogo Dynamo. Now I vzhe not from samotnego brazilica pomaranchevy form, and od us Ukraïnskoï Asian football” – sums up on the page in “Facebook” the famous journalist Mykola Nesenyuk. (, 21.11.19).


I wonder what racist scandal arrived for Federation and its head at the right moment. With his help, Andrew Pavelko was able in some measure to ease the public’s attention to their own scandalous person, on the neck, which gradually tightened the noose of the law.

Just over a week ago, the Verkhovna Rada mandates 260 people’s deputies voted for the creation of the temporary investigative Commission regarding possible violations of the law the head of FFU/the UAF. And last week was followed by its first action.

People’s Deputy Anatoly Kostyuk, head of the Commission, addressed a Deputy request to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine.

According to the website of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on matters of youth and sports (, 20.11.19), first Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine Vitaliy KASKO officially informed the head of the FAC – at the moment, law enforcement agencies conducted five criminal proceedings against A. Pavelko and other officials of FFU/the UAF.

“The main investigative Directorate of the national police is being investigated:

– possible embezzlement of the allocated budget funds in the amount of 270 million UAH.

– possible embezzlement of trust funds received FFU/the UAF from UEFA in the framework of the “Hat trick”, as well as marketing and sponsorship payments.

– possible misappropriation of budget funds by the FFU/the UAF and “FFU Production” by raising prices for goods.

The detectives NAB are two things concerning the person of Andriy Pavelko:

possible malpractice that led to the purchase of the fields for inflated prices at the expense of state and local budgets;

– on submission of possibly false information when declaring,” lists (22.11.19).

Provided by the state office of public Prosecutor the information caused quite a stir in the media – more than five dozen electronic resources have shared it with your readers who left a lot of comments not in defence of Andrei Pavelko. Went to the embezzler in the nuts and in social networks. Most fans expect that of the President of the national Federation of this time was taken seriously and probably very painful. Anyway, any comments or previous bravado a-La – “thank you very much for what we check”, from his lips followed.

Obviously, he is preparing his “vacomat” to the release in the media of a new batch of the traditional complaints about the conspiracy of enemies and eulogies of the heroic achievements of FFU/the UAF to ensure the successful performance of the national team. Tries in vain. Parliamentary VSK created not to assess his circus artistic abilities. It’s all much more serious. Pavelko will finally have to answer for stolen from the state budget money.