The massacre in Kerch, the death of the activist Gandzyuk, aggression in Azov: the tragic events of 2018

In 2018, there have been many tragic events in Ukraine. The program “What it was” Sergei Leshchenko and Eugenia Motoristas have prepared your list.
Shot in Kerch

In October 2018, there was a terrible shooting in Polytechnic College in Kerch. The attack killed 19 people and more than 50 injured.

“We remembered Kerch, because we believe that the Kerch – Ukraine and Crimea – Ukraine. Although, of course, these events occurred at a time when it controls all the power of the Russian Federation, because the area is occupied”, – said the people’s Deputy and leader of the program Sergey Leshchenko.

The aggression of the Russian Federation in the Azov sea

In November there was an attack on Ukrainian sailors in the sea of Azov, which tried to tug boats across the Kerch Strait. The Russian side opened fire on them, wounding 6 people. All 24 sailors, were captured.

This is another event that is associated with the Russian Federation. The development of this event, likely in 2019. At least until the prospects for the release of Ukrainian sailors we cannot see
said anchor of the programme Evgeny Motorista.

According to Leshchenko, the occurrence of this event is the top question for serious investigation.

The Murder Of Catherine Gandzyuk

In early November, heart stopped Kherson activists Catherine Gandzyuk. She opposed the government and paid for it with his life. Summer unknown, doused her with acid near his home. Despite numerous successful surgery and a long rehabilitation Catherine Gandzyuk still died. The story became a tragic symbol of the year, when the attacks on activists, beating and provocation have become commonplace.

Friends of Catherine are asked to call it not death, namely murder. She died as a result of the fact that she was attacked. Only Katina’s death has forced law enforcement to actively begin to investigate this story
– said the journalist Eugene Motorista.

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