The main Ukrainian nationalist Poroshenko called a supporter of Putin

photo: a frame from the video

The leader of the “National body” – the largest enterprises of the nationalists of Ukraine, Andriy Biletsky, said in an interview Dmitry Gordon that the head of the country Poroshenko is friends with Putin, there’s a recording on Youtube.

Biletsky said that Poroshenko signed the “treacherous” with the Minsk agreement, play into the hands of Moscow. He also accused Poroshenko of federalization of the country, that is, in his view atomization, and legalization of “illegal armed groups” as “people’s republics”.

Poroshenko is “a promoter of Russia’s influence”, he worked in the team of Yanukovych, was his Minister, reminded Biletsky. In addition, he remembered that in his time the Ukrainian President was allowed to withdraw from the Russian factories of Roshen.

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