The main results of the Premier League season 2018-2019

2018-2019 season has become history. It remains only to make the play-offs between the teams of the Premier League and First League for the right to play in the new season among the best teams tried to identify the main characters and losers of last season.


Undoubtedly, the biggest sensation this season became the bronze award and a direct ticket to the Europa League “Alexandria”. Some time a team from Kirovohrad even came in second place, ahead of “Dynamo”. “Alexandria” – a purely coaching the team of Vladimir Sharan. Selection of players, building the game from the coach.

It’s hard to call the game the “Alexandria” entertainment or aesthetic, but it is very rational, sharpened on the outcome. In addition, started to turn to prepare the players and resell them for good money to other teams. This winter for $1 million in “Shakhtar” moved defender Valery Bondarenko. Earlier in the Belgian “Kortrijk” went another defender Andrew bacula.

Alexandria was not only able to win bronze Nagorny, but also began to sell their own players

So, of course, that this season Volodymyr Sharan deserves the title of best coach of the championship.

Author: Official website of “Alexandria”

Volodymyr Sharan

Shakhtar summer has left 3 major players. During the season the team was joined by 8 people. The Pitmen are going through a period of generational change. Usually at this time there was a deterioration of results of the team. But Paulo Fonseca , managed to keep his ship afloat in the championship.

If in the club “Shakhtar” serious storm (winning just once in 8 matches and missed a lot), then in the championship, the Pitmen had no problems calmly walked to his next title. During the season the team Fonseca was not a single failure of a segment, even when the team played twice a week, given the competition. Much of the credit for that Paulo Fonseca.

“FC Lviv” in the summer made a bid for Brazilian players, and Brazilian coach of Gilmore. Despite the fact that the club has set itself very high goals. Gilmer could not stay long in his post. It seemed that the club will fight for survival with a large number not being adapted to European football and Brazilian players. But the new coach Yuriy Bakalov managed not only to keep the team, but to beat Kiev “Dynamo” Lviv and bring the club in the TOP 6, leaving behind last year’s bronze prize-winner of “Vorskla” and the ambitious “the Gums”. Only cost Bakalovo to leave the team, as the results rolled rapidly down. Without Bakalov team and results openly slid.


The game of “Shakhtar” continues to keep the old guard – Taison, ismaily, Marlos. In this season their still joined Moraes. It is the individual skill of these players helped the Pitmen again to make a Golden double of the season.

Dependence on leaders Shakhtar has only increased

Viktor Tsygankov has become the leader of “Dynamo”. Already on Andrey Yarmolenko no one remembers. But while Tsygankov lacks stability. Individual games or stretches of the season while Victor does not succeed. Need to add stability. Although the progress of the Victor in this season is obvious.

Author: Official website of “Dynamo”

Viktor Tsygankov has become a real leader of the “Dynamo” in this season


It seemed that with the war and the deterioration of the economy of the Ukrainian football there is no other choice but to rely on their own young players. It is ironic that in this season not many players who have been able to introduce myself.

First and foremost, we should mention, of course, Vitaly, Mikolenko. Josip, Pivaric became the second on world Cup with Croatia. In addition, the Dynamo was the Brazilian Sidley for which paid a lot of money. It seemed that Mikolenko is no hope this season and will need to play for the youth team. But the 20-year-old defender has proven that he has no authority. It mykolenko became the main left back this season not only Dynamo, but in the national team. In the match against Portugal star Ronaldo couldn’t do anything with the wardship of Mikolenko. Vitaly Nikolenko became not only a team player, but also one of the leaders of the club.

Author: Official website of “Dynamo”

Vitaly Nikolenko was able to win the competition Josip Pivaric and Sickle on the left flank of defense.

Marian Swede is a very unsuccessful visit to Sevilla. In Spain in the Swede didn’t work out. In addition, the injury actually knocked him out of football for a long time. Back in the “Carpathians” the first year was spent on the restoration of self-confidence, treatment of sores, in this season, the Swede not only became the leader and chief goleadora “Carpathians”, but one of the best scorers of the championship. In Kiev exactly 2 goals of Denys Boyko from Mariana Swede allowed Karpaty to gain a sensational victory.

The Swede became a target for European clubs

Not surprisingly, in this game, the Swede has again received attention from foreign clubs. The following season, the Ukrainian will play in the Champions League in the composition of the perennial Scottish Champions Celtic

It seemed that the career of Junior Moraes is heading down. A return to Brazil or move to a secondary Championships will be a logical continuation of a career for a player. In the “Dynamo” Mares first lost the competition Besedina, and then by Mbokani. Rather, was used by Alexander Khatskevich in the role of player rotation.

Everything changed in the transition to Shakhtar. 32-year-old player experienced a second youth. Became the best scorer of the club and the League. In a moment became one of the leaders of Shakhtar. No wonder Andriy Shevchenko invited Moraes to the national team of Ukraine to help resolve striker, which is already more than one season.


After the disappearance of the “Dnepr” and “Metalist” thought that “dawn” will become third force in Ukrainian football. But the “dawn” step by step only worsens their case in the championship. Last year lost to “Vorskla” bronze medal and direct qualification to the Europa League. This season only fought for 4th place with “Mariupol”. Magic Yuri Vernidub has stopped working. No wonder the club and the coach at the end of the season decided to stop working.

Author: Officially website “Zarya”

Yuriy vernydub left “Dawn” after 8 years of experience.

“Karpaty” from season to season, have set themselves ambitious goals. But this season fell in the area playoffs. The team is quite strong. Has its own fans, the stadium. But something does not work. Perhaps, that team lacks stability. Only this season against Karpaty already working 4th coach. Perhaps it may not be, if indeed the club puts before itself the high purposes.

In “the Carpathians” has changed 4 coaches

In terms of selling players abroad – Karpaty model for other teams. But Commerce should not seriously affect the result. While such harmony in Lviv and not close.

The Dynamo fans expected this season from players who were to become leaders, to lead the young players behind him. First and foremost, this is about Denis Harmash and Serhiy Sydorchuk. But both Midfielders failed season.

Sydorchuk can not move away from the injury back in the fall of 2017. This season stable membership was not. The coaching staff even tried it in the centre of defence, but it ended in another failure. Captain Dynamo must have a great qualification, taking into account the goals and traditions of the club.

Earlier Garmash was hampered by injuries. Now, it seems, Dennis left them in the past. But in 29 years and became a leading player of “Dynamo”. Successfully plays only in private matches. In the spring, the coaching staff was counting on Denis a striker, given the injury and Sol Besedina. But Garmash was sent off in the Cup game against Shakhtar, which led to the suspension on 5 match. Upon returning from the punishment of Garmash losing the competition to the younger players, “Dynamo”.

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The results of the 2018-2019 season champion and the winner of the Cup of Ukraine became “the miner”. “Dynamo” took 2nd place in the championship and reached the 1/4 of the Cup. The biggest surprise was “bronze”, “Alexandria”. “Mariupol” and “dawn” will play in the Europa League.


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