“The main question — when it is necessary to let the child go”


“Golden Duke” X Odessa international film festival for best actress was awarded to Irma Vitovskaya, 44. In the Comedy “My thoughts quiet” Antonio Lukic played the main character’s mother. 25-year-old Vadim receives the order of Canada. Needs to record the sounds of animals in Ukrainian. Need for the computer game “Noah’s ark”. Canadian animals don’t come too happy. Ukrainian — more alarming, as if anticipating a Great Flood. To search the animal character goes in Transcarpathia. There he was accompanied by mother. Says: “the One thing that you in Kiev — at least here. But from Canada not come back.” But she is going to travel from Ukraine to Italy. Only not to work, and bride.

In the mother — assembled and my and I may — which will then, says Irma Vitovskaya. — Has peeped characters. But still, it’s psychoanalysis. As an actress you know who that woman is, where. I love these crucial roles. When you have the desire to advocatesthe your character, you will do a brilliant job. Not just to embody it, and to defend his actions. The main question in this story — when to let go of the child. It is extremely difficult when a son or daughter overlook the free way and mom is losing the monopoly on them.

The film “quiet My thoughts” received the audience award of the OIFF. In early July, a pattern also noted at the festival in Karlovy vary of the Czech Karlovich.

— On this story, laughed our Czech and German audience — continues Vitovskaya. So attached to Ukraine, our life and realities. But the film is absolutely okay to be perceived anywhere, thanks to the absurd humor when funny and sad — close. This supranational story about mothers.

I want to applaud Antonio Lukic. Is it the directing and the script. By starring — Andrew Ludogoscha identified immediately. It is a longstanding creative Union with “In Manchester it was raining” (the best Ukrainian short film VII festival of Odessa. — GPU). And then they were looking for mom and found me.

Lately, you are offered more good roles?

— God forbid that Ukrainian cinema has not stopped, did not fall into stagnation, and only developed. We get ahead a large group of filmmakers who have come to the Ukrainian level, and will go even further. And we, the actors, just waiting to open their boxes for them.

The cinema must be maintained at the state level. The Odessa festival is no different from the biggest European — it has the same ambitions and the platform. Just need more attention to it — and business, government, science, moral authority. If the elite will have to visit the movies, she’ll show an example of disoriented people. It is already fashionable, but I would like to see the ceremony of the Odessa film festival were broadcast by the leading channels, like the Oscars. We need to raise self-esteem.

In recent years the film industry in Ukraine is developing. Thanks to the Chairman of Goskino Philip Lenko, the Ukrainian cultural Fund and Ukrainian Institute there are many directorial debuts.

X Odessa international film festival 12-20 July.


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