The main achievements and failures Poroshenko in 2018

Cadence Petro Poroshenko is about to end. It reports on the achievements before the Ukrainian society and to investors in Davos. Journalists of channel 24 analysed the main achievements and failures in the economy of the incumbent President in election 2018.
Achieve Poroshenko

In power Petro Poroshenko managed to stop the peak, in which the economy entered the summer of 2012. Already by 2016 the situation in Ukraine has managed to stabilize, despite, according to the expert, many challenges.

“First of all it is (we are talking about calls – 24 channel) the loss of territories, which made quite a significant contribution to industrial production and gross domestic product”, – explained the head of analytical Department of Concorde Capital Oleksandr Parashchiy.

Among the achievements of the President – the cancellation of thousands of bureaucratic procedures and licenses, the transition to online hundreds of licensing procedures, elimination of banks of shell and launching of the public procurement system ProZorro.

A system of automatic refund of value added tax. It was a very corruption of economic activities,
– spoke about the achievements of the Deputy Director of the European business Association Svetlana Mikhailovskaya.

The Failures Poroshenko

The introduction of automatic compensation of the tax would rise in the ranking of ease of doing business in 41st position. Despite this, our result is only 71. Experts confirm, the authorities failed to carry out reforms that would allow the economy to recover.

Ukraine 71 step ease of doing business

Despite the promise of 5-7% GDP growth annually, the result of 3.4% is rather mediocre. When compared with the economies of developing countries. According to IMF estimates, in 2018 the economy of our competitors have grown in one and a half or two times faster.

GDP growth in Ukraine

This week the President for another year extended the moratorium on the ground. The legal land market is the 2% growth that promised power, but not fulfilled. Interestingly, the moratorium and strengthens the informal sector.

Small and medium businesses – the lion’s share of economic growth. And the loss of millions of workerswho chose labour migration, is one’s own business is another failure of government.

In the past year we evaluate the result of improvement of the investment climate, more than 80 new factories that were opened in Ukraine. We, in particular, with the beginning of the year have met with companies that are considering new projects in Ukraine,
– told the Chairman of the National investment Council Julia Kuznetsov.

However, started the job mostly foreign enterprises. The government does not stimulate the competitive basis of domestic manufacturing.


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