The magazine Focus explained offensive expression against Putin

In a press-service of the German magazine Focus commented on the discontent of the Russian Embassy in Germany, demanding an apology for offensive publication in the address of Russian President Vladimir Putin. In the editorial they say that was not an insult, but “ironic”, and Russian diplomats have translated everything literally.

photo: kremlin.ru

Recall that we are talking about an article on German Chancellor Angela Merkel, where it is said, “of Course she is afraid of dogs, Putin, but she’s definitely not afraid of the dog-Putin.” On the eve MKRU reported that the Russian Embassy has considered the statement “tasteless and stupid” and demanded that the German journalists an apology.

On Wednesday the representative a press-services of the journal Focus Alice Wagner, told RBC that the intention to insult the editorial staff of the Russian leader was not. She explained that in German, the word “dog” (der Hund) is still a value that can be translated as “die hard.”

“Basically, it was an ironic play on words with the word “dog” — leads edition of the words of Wagner. She also added that, unfortunately, is to fully translate the irony of this phrase adequately to Russian language is impossible.

While RBC cites the opinion of the head of the Department of German language at MGIMO Marina Chihacheva, which stated that this phrase is still “sounds like an insult to our President.”

She explained that if before the word Hund stood, the corresponding adjective, then as a whole, this expression could be translated as “die hard”, but in this sentence this adjective was not.

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