The longest lasted – the Ukrainian commander was trapped in the woods

Vasyl Kuk and the propaganda of the OUN Phil Bsava Photo:

The commander of UPA Vasyl Kuk arrested by the KGB on may 23, 1954. The capture was facilitated by recruited by the underground “Chumak” – Nicholas Primate.

Cook took command of the Ukrainian insurgent army in 1950 after the death of Roman Shukhevych. Used clandestine pseudonym “Yuriy Lemish”.

11 July 1953 year, the state security service seizes a fellow cook “Orlan” – Basil Galas. OUN transferred to Kiev. 14 Jul begin questioning. With the Galas are experienced security officers. Hurts. Tells how you can go to “LAMESA”.

6 Nov with “Eagle” KGB agents detained the courier cook “Chumak”. He reported that the meeting with the commander needs to pass the spring in a bunker on the outskirts of the forest Penacova. Produces a stash of seven cans of clandestine documents with addresses, codes and ciphers of the UPA. Also in the stash was 75 000.

Wanted cook takes on a task force of KGB of the USSR under the code name “the Trap”, – writes the historian Nikolai Kryachko in the article “Vasyl Kuk in rare publications, documents, memories.” The meeting was held in Ivankov the forest in Lviv region. The KGB are preparing one of the underground bunkers. In it over the years 1947-1952 were hiding soldiers of the UPA. The shelter was cleared and repaired. Also the masked signal devices “Alarm”, derived of the antenna under the bark of trees.

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23 may one of the operatives of the KGB out of the bunker and hears the signal underground – the noise of forest birds. Arrive to the hiding-place cook and his wife Juliana Kryuchenko. Together with them two guards. Their cook is sent and enters the bunker.

Is evident that one of the “underground”, back in the cache, does not remove the shoes. In the shelter of one of the guards fry potatoes. Cook notes strong hand shake. But doesn’t suspect anything. Want to relax. Asks “friends” to clean your machine. Shows how to disassemble it.

At night, the operatives of the KGB dismantled the machine and bind the sleeping commander.

“How much did you get paid?” – shouts the cook.

“We arrest you by order of the “Eagle” – meet the KGB.

Detainees are sent to Lviv. From there a special flight to Kiev. Cook’s name was hidden under the heading “300”. Aware of only the tip of the KGB and the CPSU Central Committee. Want to use the commander for the final defeat of the “nationalist centers.” Also planning to lure Stepan Bandera. The latter is not possible. The security service of the OUN reveals the fake.

In prison hardly eats. To the question “why” answers: “you get me to a restaurant, would drink wine or vodka, look and appetite would appear”.

In the KGB prison sat for 6 years. Released in 1960, in connection with the Amnesty. Denounces the UPA and recognize the Soviet Ukraine. KGB does not believe, shall designate a permanent supervision.

One of the officers Georgy Sannikov said:

“Cook never came over to our side. Some consider him to be a KGB agent, but in reality it was not that. It was a clever enemy. Eminent conspirator. Therefore, the longest lasted”.

5 March 1950 at the hands of KGB agents killed Shukhevych. For the modern Ukrainian society Roman Shukhevych is one of the symbols of the struggle for Ukrainian independence in the twentieth century, who laid down his life for her. Attitude to Shukhevych different. The reason for regional differences in the perception of this outstanding personality are the features of national memory in different parts of Ukraine. Until recently, quite a positive perception of the faces of Roman Shukhevych in the West of Ukraine against a completely negative attitude in the East of our country. But recent events gradually change it.


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