The leg was dangling, leg was broken


– Went through the cave and checked the map. Suddenly beneath me opened up the earth. Fell into the lower tier, flooded with water. On top of the wall fell. Broke his leg and squeezed, says Odessa caver 47-year-old Vladislav MASLENKO. Last month I went to the catacombs near nerubayskoye village of Odessa. Under the ground was injured. Help waited 9 hours.

Vladislav Maslenko 20 years of experience in caving. In Nerubayske catacombs, visited more than once. That day went to explore the place for shooting video. The collapse occurred at 13:00. After 4 hours Vladislav had to make a test call to the wife, but the relationship failed. Then she called the rescue and got in touch with fellow cavers.

To go underground was with a friend, says Maslenko. – However, he had business in town. For the first time broke the rules and went alone. As soon as I squeezed the wall, and began to dig. This should always be done first of all, if was involved in a crash. Dug from under rocks leg and pulled her. Climbed on a rock and took the leap to the upper tier. Began to crawl toward the main passages where I should look for first and foremost. The danger was, because I could bleed to death. The leg was dangling, legs completely broken. The task was to survive until rescue.

Maslenko passed less than a kilometer underground.

– Nerubayske catacombs is simple, – continues to Odessa. It was difficult to move only the last 100 metres. Sometimes had to crawl. Then could not move. Was bleeding, so I knew I just have to wait for help. Knew need to calm down, because the fear prevents to think clearly. To cope with the panic, can be considered the stones to retell stories, poems, singing. The simpler the action the better it is the brain.

Vladislav Maslenko found at about 22:00 unconscious.

– From the cave pulled several men an hour and 15 minutes, says caver 35-year-old Alexander Romanov. He led the rescue operation. – It was difficult. Injured carried on a stretcher, and there are many narrow and low passages. The time spent on their extension. Well, the shell is pliable.

Now Vladislav Maslenko is in the hospital. Rehabilitation will take two to three months.

– This was the first case where a person suffered serious injuries in the catacombs – adds Novels. Walking on them can be compared to a walk through the old part of Odessa, where you can collapse the ancient building. Catacombs – a history of the city. There is Parking people who were hiding during the war. Many of them are there’s something painted, were calendars, recorded events, their experiences. This is living history. Temperature and climate the earth has kept what’s left. Local children from time to time go for a walk through the catacombs, because they are interested and want adrenaline. When only the three of the flashlight is broken, can’t back yourself. You have to wait for rescuers. Sometimes, some years nothing happens, and then three weeks in the field.


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