The leader bypassing his consciousness

Managing emotional person is easy to implement through his amaliapoli varied means of introducing a person in a highly emotional state – an ancient method of introduction into the human psyche the necessary information. This is one of the ways human control over his consciousness…


The leader bypassing his consciousness and scheme of self-government

The use of various means of introducing a person in a highly emotional state: the arousal of instincts and primitive senses, talking about taboo subjects, which are said to “tickle nerves”, the sensation flow from over-the-top emotional background or use catchy headlines in today’s media – an ancient method of introduction into the human psyche the necessary information. On methods to effectively manage themselves and about the management of the leader in crowd-“elitist” society, we’ll talk.



Many people try to find different ways of influencing the psyche of the people to control others in the fulfillment of their desires . Fought over it many of the “elitist”: the priests of ancient Egypt, the Caesars of Rome, of various orders, medieval aristocrats, Nazis, marketers, PR people and many others. Recent example is the recent scandal with the largest social network Facebook.

Recently (30.06.2014) became aware of the fact that more than half a million Facebook users were unwitting participants in a large-scale experiment in which psychologists have manipulated their mood. The experiment was conducted in 2012 and results were published in the journal “proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of America” in the spring of 2014, but attention to it was brought just now, when the experiment was written by the British scientific magazine New Scientist.

As follows from the studies over the weeks the scientists Adam Kramer of Facebook, Jamie Guillory of the University of California in San Francisco and Jeffrey Hancock of Cornell University was engaged in manipulating news 689 thousand users of Facebook, figuring out how you change the mood of the people, depending on the content of the tape. In the experiment, it was found that those users who artificially limited the number of positive news feed, tended to write more negative posts, and Vice versa.

The results indicate that emotionsexpressed by others in Facebook, influence our emotions, constituting experimental evidence of the large-scale distribution on other people’s emotional States and forms of behavior by suggestion, the report says. – Given the scale of social networks such as Facebook, even small effects can have a huge cumulative impact… Online messages influence the emotions we experience and can influence a range of actions in real life.”

It’s interesting that the users themselves do not considerthat using the same social networks that drive their behavior.

Analysts at Gallup conducted a survey of 19 thousand Americans. Only 5% of respondents said that the activity of brands in social networks influences their purchase decision. More than 60% of respondents said that information from social networks did not affect them. Another 13% stated that there is only a certain relationship between their purchases and social media marketing. Respondents are often unaware of the influence of social networks on their choice, says an expert on Internet marketing Nikolay Kazantsev.



A person can exercise self-government on the basis of one of the three schemes.


The first schema. The incoming flow of information from the external environment directly enters the Converter information, and affect management. The Converter on the basis of this signal relays the order, “Action!” the Executive authorities.


The control algorithm is subordinate to the constantly changing needs of the moment…


In extreme situations a person often goes to the first scheme, when the “said and done”. A striking example is the behavior of people in case of fire or during mass riots.

In the second schema information from the environment goes directly into long term memory and from there leads to the self-government of man.


Control algorithm, by incorporating a flow of current information in the system memory…


In this scheme, the “noise” and “obsession” from the outside bring litter and exerting more and more influence on human behavior. An example is the exposure of people to behavior patterns podcherpnul of the endless series and a variety of talk shows.

The third scheme is radically different from the first two in its sustainability. First, the presence of long-term memory zone “quarantine”, and, secondly, the presence of “algorithm a watchman”, which measures the incoming flow of information.


So the “guard” one “gives the nod” to get into long-term memory while meeting the selection criteria, and the other or throws or places it in quarantine for further analysis. If analysis or new information has shown that it is possible to believe that the information is sent to the memory. It may also mean restructuring the algorithm of the watchman to give it next time “good” for such information.

The control algorithm is memory-protected system from the accumulation of false information…


For the government the normal person is the third diagram. The first scheme allowed for emergency management, which is still better to have some control than complete rejection of it. The second scheme is a flawed third.

However, due to the perversion of this rule the existing culture, even outside of extraordinary circumstances, the mentality of the majority is controlled by the first scheme. That contribute to alcohol, tobacco, other drugs taken root in the culture of lies, revered truth, the programming of the psyche by television and similar means of social control at different priorities.



Total, there are six classes of such funds.

1. The most powerful, but requires long and painstaking work on the impact on society is a means of influencing the world, then the methods by which man operates in the construction of their worldview, their activities and life.

2. The second priority is the analysis and evaluation of past and future changes of historical events, that is, algorithms that govern people.

3. The third priority means of influencing the information environment of the company: is technology, facts, science, ideology, doctrine, sociological doctrines and mass media.

4. The priority – controls the economic life of society. On how to destroy or subjugate society this priority, well written by John Perkins in his book “confessions of an economic hit man.” And about how to lead society to prosperity, wrote Henry Ford and J. V. Stalin in his works, each for their level of responsibility.

5. The fifth priority is management health of society. Petrozavodsk and Karelia is a great example of how this priority population destroys itself, releasing “living space” for others. It is time to take a sober look at the essence of things. Alcohol and other drugs is a weapon that people’s stupidity kill themselves, mutilate their children, their future. May already be enough to incur losses on such a low priority?

6. Sixth – all well-known conventional power means: tanks, planes, rifles, pistols, batons, fists.

The power means can provide a high speed of obtaining the result, however, the sustainability of the achieved position will be very weak, in contrast to the funds management Outlookthat can change the situation for millennia to come. I should add that the means of social control can be used to destroy a society, and can be used to provide a decent life – it all depends on the morality and level of understanding of managers. On the priorities of the generalized means we also wrote in the article “Smoking and management priorities”.

What social media users do not understand how they are governed, says that their personal self-government is exercised by the first or the second scheme or algorithm of the watchdog is unable to trace any means of influencing their psyche. Many parasites interested in the fact that in the bulk statistics of the society was so.

For the exploitation of others in their interest “demonism” (about the possible types of the device of mentality of the people read the article) strongly displays the psyche of people under the protection of all her guards. This is the more effective, the greater the intelligence of the person is fragmented and blocked by the kaleidoscope of culture and does not understand what is really true and what is false.

Therefore, personal safety is ensured by the more than stable the human psyche in the third circuit decision-making. Accordingly, if the system samoupravlenia under the third scheme, in order to impose alien external management should:

or download the information into long term memory “smuggling” to bypass the algorithm of the guard;

– either stop the algorithm-the watchman and put the system on a second control scheme;

or to apply to the input system information flow “obsession” with such an intensity that the office for the third or the second scheme lost stability due to insufficient performance, and the system is switched to control according to the first scheme, which is characterized by speedy reaction to the information directly received from the external environment, with almost complete loss of memory in the process of making management decisions.

From the point of view of information security, in the sense of stability of self-government for a certain concept, which defines management objectives and the means to achieve them, normal is a third control scheme. The first control scheme valid for the management of emergencies, in which preferably at least some control, than a complete rejection of managerial influence on the course of events. The second scheme is flawed the third circuit.

The human psyche if it the psyche of a normal person (i.e. under the humane system of the psyche), genetically tuned to implementation of the third scheme of self-government on the basis of a mosaic worldview and Outlook.

Vanity and hysterics, inappropriate and meaningless in human behavior in extraordinary circumstances – the expression of the predominance of the first schemes of the government. Numbness, shock in an emergency – braking control according to the first scheme, when it is impossible to implement the second or third.

In the human psyche has its own algorithm-the watchman, is external to it guard: from those loved ones who protect his Love, to God, if you go in the order of expanding spheres of concern.



In crowd-“elitist” society, it is possible to identify the schema anonymous remote control of the heads and bypass control as the self-consciousness of each of them, and the majority of society. Very few of them really understand how and where produced and approved by the solutions that they pursue. Principles of this kind of remote control system “chiefs” as the moon shown in the figure below.

Diagram for remote control by the leader to bypass the control of his consciousness crowd-“elitist” society…


This scheme worked for the society since olden times on the basis of traditions and skills, although research has shown the possibility and the principles of its purposeful construction only in the second half of the twentieth century. In the mid 1970-ies one of the Newspapers as a curiosity reported that, according to research by American sociologists, two randomly selected Americans connects a chain of acquaintances the average no more than ten people. If there is a circuit of acquaintances, in principle, it is possible to transmit information in both forward and back.

It looks like the children’s game “telephone”, with that only difference that the chain members Dating not sitting in one room, on one couch, and communicate with each other at different times and in different places. However, information on such circuits is objectively distributed, and generates some statistics information exchange, which they call simply “word of mouth”. And on this basis can be built fairly effective management.

The vision of this statistic, some knowledge of human psychology allow to build such chains deliberately. The number of links in them will not 10-20, but much less, which makes their performance high enough for the implementation of strategic management and selection of personnel for them (of course behind the scenes, “blind”) provides a fairly high degree of conservation in the transmission of strategic information management. The fact that the strategic information is mostly quite compact, requiring very little package of words and symbols and does not need man-made media that may become evidence in legal sense of the word.

The diagram shows a hierarchy and a leader, who heads one of them. This kind of structure can be of the chief of state, Ministry, Agency, research Institute, the laboratory in its structure, design bureaus, revision, etc. Structure is a kind of staffing. The staff that fills the cells of the staffing, can be divided into two categories:

hardware “riffraff”, which is “whatever you do, just would not work”;

– working professionals that are more or less “ill”.

Of the second can distinguish another subset – of several people, whose opinion, as professionals, is important for the leader structure under the leadership of it. The scheme is one of such specialists is specified and named privy counselor “leader”.

But people are not all the time. There is another round of informal communication. In this case the “privy Councilor” many leaders or public figures, widely known in narrow circles of specialists, I went into the house of popular personalities whose opinions are more or less reputable in society. In the house of such “stars” go and many other people. Among them may be school, and high school friends “stars-authorities”, who themselves are not deprived of talent.

And although they, for various reasons, are unable or unwilling to gain higher titles, but they are listening to them their well-respected friends, in relation to which they act as home of privy councillors. In fact, they are “guardians” General social “influencers” – the cult of personalities.

Many of those intellectuals who were indignant and outraged by Stalin’s personality cult, are themselves a cult of personality, together with the other pop stars, sports and show business, who does not the public in General of problems any case. But, if you look at public life in General, there is no difference, one in the society a cult figure for all, or many religious figures, created in order to meet the need of the crowd in adulation and umirotvorenie.

Guardians can know that they are fulfilling the mission of guardianship, but can be used face-down as well as privy councillors. Either directly or through some number of intermediate links on the guardian welcomes the representatives of the hereditary clans of healers of the concept of public management. They can be Nurturers guardians since childhood. It can be rustic grandfather, grandmother, a neighbor in the country somewhere hundreds of miles from the primary residence “of the guardian.” It is possible that not getting higher education, he is a person that “guardian” interested to talk “for life”; it is possible that this interest of his since childhood.

We were considering this system, from the leader structure. But historically real system this kind of remote control leader purposefully line up in the years and decades in the reverse direction: from quacks concepts to the public leaders of industries, public activities. Also the leaders themselves in some cases are created during the deployment of such a system and moving to a particular post the same way as on a chess Board to move pieces on to a particular strategy of chess.

Some specifics of the process in society by the fact that the “chessboard” is being completed as needed or break out some of her cells, and also that the pawns and other figures have some activity and freedom in the choice of goals and ways of their implementation, but everyone in the crowd-“elitist” society to the extent of understanding of the work to achieve their goals, and the extent of difference in understanding the works – at the same time the purposes of those who understand more. Within the power of a certain conception of public administration more than anyone understand the healers (the bosses, the creators) of the concept.

And when comparing different incompatible concepts and healers to each of them to the extent of understanding of Objective reality are working on their concept, and the extent of difference in the understanding of work – at the same time – on the concept of those who understand Life deeper and wider.

It should be understood that, depending on what purpose they serve healers concept held in life, they promote positions and those who are, “whatever you do, just would not work” (to which belong not only idlers, but also professional climbers), or those who “Power of shame and my heart aches for the cause.”

Accordingly it is said in election campaigns, proposed and promoted candidates belonging to one of two categories, either flickering between the two ways of performing activities, because of their mental instability. But questions of psychology statesmen of private and government analysts due attention is not paid, although the particularities of the psyche of the heads of States, corporations, and other senior officials is not only a private matter of each of them, since they are more or less wide layers of society.

And really the voter through the word, pours himself a candidate and his campaign staff must see to which of these two categories the candidate belongs to which voter imbued with a sudden sympathy, not knowing him in real life. But more on that few voters think about as the candidates themselves not always think about which category each of them belongs, and who he really works and is willing to work to the best of my understanding, not even trying to appreciate the difference in understanding.

The same forces that propel candidates to implement their hands predetermined policy, think about the identification, selection and staffing, which would have (in statistical weight) did what was expected of them. Would make themselves the measure of their understanding and the extent of the difference in understanding that separates between all the steps of the pyramid of the crowds and “elite” in the crowd-“elitist” society.

In such a system a single error is possible, and they can have very serious consequences for both “personnel managers”, who is wrong (so wrong, the hosts of Marxism, contributing to the promotion of the Communist-Bolshevik-Marxist Stalin to the highest post in the Marxist party and the state). But personnel in General were selected for certain purposes until the mid-twentieth century is unmistakable.

By the mid-twentieth century information processes in society changed its character, owing to what old skills and principles began to give systematic error. The reason for this change of logic of social behavior, about which we wrote in the article.

If you start the office from a place where public and accepted important decisions (identify the problem and develop an algorithm for its resolution), the autocratic head of state may be a beekeeper in the village. And as the song says:

“On the distant station will come down (within a day away from the official capital), and the green belt…” and I was right to speak eye to eye with the head of the community government. Keep a arrived in the city, will tell friends how was your weekend. They also will tell her, and then it will backfire in politics, science, etc. And I don’t know why…

And I do not understand because know: on the principles of the game of “telephone” and by the dissemination of gossip and anecdotes to manage any government or industry activities impossible. And about unstructured control method based on circular addresses the dissemination of information in a managed environment, which entails a change in the overall statistical behavior, don’t tell us anything home nor at school nor in high school… And even if you read about it in a non-authoritative (not an academic publication), I would not believe it and will refuse to understand because I feel safer to believe in the endless nonsense of the analysts of the media.



This kind of mission of the custody of state authorities prior to 1917, performed by G. E. Rasputin.

His wine, which he poured and poured dirt in mass produced literature is not so much his actual sins, as that he was at the court of the agent of influence of Russian healing clans, not the clans of the international globalist, anti-Russian, which he successfully prevented before the attempt on his life that took place on the same day (28 June 1914), the assassination in Sarajevo of the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne Archduke Ferdinand. Having no chance because of injury to be present in St. Petersburg, he was unable telegrams to keep the king from joining Russia in the war, which he managed two years earlier, during the Balkan wars, when the war party at court, headed by Grand Prince Nikolai Nikolaevich insisted on Russia’s interference in Balkan Affairs.

This kind of conceptual-voodoo custodial activities in respect of officials of the state continued after 1917, And this fact even found its documentary evidence. As an illustration of the alleged impossibility of such kind of influence on politics here is an extract from the book by V. N. Demina “Mysteries of the Russian people”. He quotes a letter to Professor G. C. Zybino of March 24, 1927, written by A. V. Barchenko, who was involved in the 1920-th years of studies of history of formation of Russia and the Russian esoteric knowledge and made an expedition to the area seidozero, on the Kola Peninsula:

Alexander Barchenko

It is my belief (about the Universal Knowledge – our note) have been confirmed when I met up with the Russians, secretly keeping in the Kostroma region tradition [Dune-Chorus]. These people are much older than me in age, and as far as I can assess, are more competent in the most Universal science and in the assessment of the current international situation.

Coming out of the forests of Kostroma in the form of a simple foolish (poor), supposedly harmless lunatics, they came to Moscow and found me. […] Sent from these people under the guise of a crazy pronounced on the areas of preaching, which no one understood, and attracted the attention of people in a strange costume and ideographs, which he had worn […] That sent the peasant Mikhail Kruglov – was arrested several times, imprisoned in the GPU, in a mad-house. Finally came to the conclusion that he wasn’t crazy, but harmless. Let him loose, and no longer persecuted. In the end, his ideographs accidentally met in Moscow and I, who could read and understand their meaning.

Thus, it established a link with my Russian, which owns the Russian branch of the Tradition [of the Dunes-Chorus]. When I, relying only on the General Council one southern Mongolia, […] independently decided to open up the most profound ideological and unselfish statesmen of Bolshevism (referring primarily Dzerzhinsky – our note) secret [Dune-Chorus] when my first attempt in this direction, supported me completely unknown to me until that time keepers of ancient Russian branch of the Tradition [of the Dunes-Chorus]. They gradually deepened my knowledge and broadened my horizons. And this year […] formally adopted me into their midst.

But this branch of government, native healers Dunes Choir, which cooperated with F. E. Dzerzhinsky and some other leaders of the former regime, was in conflict with other clans healers concepts, including international and foreign, and above all, in conflict with supporters and slaves of the Western concept of globalization (about this read the article “anatomy of the dominant conception of globalization”). In this conflict, healing branch of the Dunes Khor lost the reins, whereby its periphery in the state authorities were identified and mowed or suppressed after the death of F. E. Dzerzhinsky, whereby the control over the repressive organs of the USSR switched over to the appointees of the other clans healers of the concepts of public life.

It is also helpful to understand that healing clans can be in conflict with each other, as due to the fact that they are committed to a mutually exclusive one of the other concepts of social control, and due to the fact that within a single concept have less healing clans fight other clans for “justice” in the understanding of each of them.

And these conflicts are finding expression in politics, as personnel changes, expressing the conquest of the periphery of one clan job positions that were previously occupied by the periphery of the other; and also how the struggle for change in the architecture of the structures and nomenclature of the posts are created and destroyed positions disagreeable one, but needed by other clans for placement of its periphery.

What has changed in the relationship between society, clans healers of the concepts of public life and state authorities since, as the A. V. Barchenko wrote the quoted letter, except that there was a change of the logic of social behavior that has made this scheme unworkable leader?

Nothing, except that specific person, who held certain positions in the circuit, replaced.

The question is: what can change another change in the personsconstituting the ruling “elite” in this system as such?

Nothing, although the promotion of state and other key posts those “to whom for Power it is insulting”, those who “whatever you do, just would not work”, can lead society to a more or less continuous production and consumer welfare. However, the vast majority of ordinary people will not govern the circumstances of your life just as they have no power over these circumstances and in the current state of the world. We see this in some seemingly safe countries like Finland or Sweden.


The staff really are everything, but, as shown by these diagrams, under frames, which are everything, needs to be understood not so much those shots where focus the attention of the townsfolk, the media, but by other personnel operating outside the formal structures of power and able to act under the third scheme of self-government.

Discussion of personnel policy and its principles in the media still does not go beyond the block, called the control scheme of the leader – “Hierarchy of structures” and goes on to the question of how much and what kind should be to be a lot of staffing, how they should be connected and what functions should be held.

The way out of this situation in General one mastering their own intellectual and creative potential, nurture their algorithms watchmen and educate yourself in the spirit of Humanness that is not as easy as it may seem. Then no scheme of management of leader won’t affect you.




A more detailed and diverse information about the events occurring in Russia, Ukraine and other countries of our beautiful planet, you can get on the Internet-Conferences, ongoing online “Keys of knowledge”. All of the Conference – open and absolutely free. We invite all interested in waking up and…


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