The last Inca Emperor was executed by the Spanish

The Inca city of Machu Picchu. Photo: Machu Picchu

Spanish Conquistador Francisco Pizarro founded on 18 January 1535, in Peru the city of Lima.

The first inhabitants of Peru were nomadic hunter-gatherers who lived in caves of the coastal areas. Between 1526 and 1528 years of Spanish Conquistador Francisco Pizarro explored the coast of Peru. He was attracted by the wealth of the Inca Empire.

He returned to Spain to obtain economic support and men for further study of the country. And he returned to Cajamarca in Northern Peru, where he captured and executed the Inca Emperor Atahualpa. Incas – the ruling rod of the Quechua people who lived on the territory of modern Peru and created a great centralized Empire with its capital in Cusco in the Andes. The Inca Empire existed for a relatively short time – from 1438 to 1533.

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Becoming the Governor of Peru, Pizarro founded many settlements, including the city of Lima. June 26, 1541 Pizarro was received in his Palace in Lima guests when the house was broken into 20 people with swords, spears, daggers and muskets. Pizarro defended themselves in the bedroom with a sword and a dagger, but he soon dropped dead from many of the wounds. Francisco was buried in the courtyard of the Cathedral in Lima.

In 1991 UNESCO declared Lima treasure of mankind’s cultural heritage because the town has retained its colonial period architecture. Today Lima is the industrial and financial center of Peru, is founded the majority of national companies in the country.

In the ruins of the settlement of Monte Alban in Mexico 9 Jan 1932 found the treasure. He belonged to the Zapotec peoples, and hidden in the XIII century. Monte Alban – known archaeological reserve in the southern part of Mexico.


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