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The candidate in Presidents of the Russian Federation from the Communist party Pavel Grudinin at a press conference in Nizhny Novgorod on 9 February stated that the shareholders headed by JSC “state Farm. Lenin” have no right to the land company. Almost since the start of the election campaign Pavel Grudinina acquired a scandalous shade. Reporters repeatedly asked him questions about the sale and transfer of state land accounts abroad, the stock company “Sovkhoz imeni Lenina” in offshore, etc. etc. In most cases, the answers Grudinina they are not satisfied.

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One of the few bright spots of his activities, social infrastructure and high even by the standards of Moscow the salary of the employees of the company. That is what it is. But as you know, “the devil is in the details.” The average salary in the country is about the same that average temperature on hospital, which is not a reflection of the health of patients. And with the average salary. Someone gets 30 thousand rubles, and someone is about 7 million.

He helps the son of Anton Pavlovich involved in his father’s business. As the businessman it may be claims. Typical Russian entrepreneur. But the candidate Grudinina questions from journalists there. The paradox lies in the fact that in his JSC Pavel Grudinin was built around such socialism as we promised.

It would be interesting to consider the following figures. In 2015 rbc.ru reported: “the Main owners of JSC “state Farm Lenin” the company calls the entrepreneur Pavel Grudinina (Director, owns 42.8% of the shares) and Alexander Fedorov (Executive Director, 13%). All shares of the farm at 34. The financial performance of the farm is not open”.

In 1992-96. decrees of the President of the Russian Federation to workers of kolkhozes and sovkhozes was supposed to land share. Land share is the portion of land allocated to the person with the aim of increasing the number of owners. Due to this people were given the opportunity to conduct their own agricultural activities. It was smooth on paper, but they forgot about the ravines. The units or shares are in fact not specific plot of land but only a right to land. To become a full owner of the land, people had to overcome numerous bureaucratic obstacles, which often became irresistible for the farmer. Besides, there was a clear legislative framework. That and enjoyed officials.

In accordance with these ordinances for the collective agricultural enterprise them. Lenin was assigned the land and issued the certificate of land ownership. At the 1995 meeting of the founders signed the documents on creation of JSC “state Farm Lenin”, which in the statutory Fund includes all the assets of KSP and the land held in collective ownership, and employees received shares. Such stockholders, there were 521 people.

The fact that the approved documents, it was said that “the shareholder is not entitled to demand from Society the return of its shares made as a constitutive contribution either in kind or in monetary terms.” A number of shareholders still claim that did not vote for the inclusion of land to the statutory Fund of the company.

A few people even addressed in law enforcement bodies with the statement about the falsification of signatures in the signature sheet attached to the articles of incorporation JSC “state Farm. Lenin’s.» On the given fact criminal case on signs of structure of the crime provided by article 327 of the criminal code. The investigation is neither good nor bad lasted three years. And then the criminal case was dismissed altogether.

Shareholders probably wish to obtain a certificate of title to the land, but they failed. The law is the law. However, two shareholders went to court and obtained the certificate on the property right. On the judicial path has gone dozens of shareholders. But their claims the court dismissed because, in 1997, by Decree of the head of the Leninsky district of the Moscow region was cancelled by a Decree of 1993 “On securing the land and issuance of certificate of land ownership KSP them. Lenin” and the Decree of 1996 “On approval of the list of members of JSC “state Farm. Lenin” and the issuance of certificates on land shares (Pai)”.

Subsequently, Grudinin their actions are attributed in the year 2000 the journalists of the Magazine “Kommersant Vlast” in the following way. “…Give evidence of land ownership is tantamount to giving away land. What are we without land to work?”

A purely Bolshevik logic. It is no secret that in JSC “Lenin state Farm” land with great benefits sold through shopping malls, hypermarkets, showrooms, and warehouses. The land Fund has been steadily declining.

The land outside Moscow is truly Golden. If you assess the land assets of the Farm named after Lenin at market prices, we get the billions of dollars. It turns out that Grudinina with your stake can be considered to be a dollar billionaire?

The same magazine “Kommersant Vlast” in 2000 cited this calculation: “Judge for yourself. If each farmer sell 3 hectares (that’s what was expected of the workers when the farm was a collective agricultural enterprise (approx. “MK”), at least $100 for a hundred, you’ll get $300 thousand $100 thousand he will buy himself a big apartment in Moscow, and the remaining $200 million will be put in the savings Bank at 7% per annum and will receive $14 thousand a year, that is more than $1 thousand per month, and without any work. Is this not Paradise on earth?»

And if they received their share from the sale of the land, the money could run out and the children and grandchildren a decent life.

In January of this year, the Board of deputies of Leninsky municipal district of Moscow region in connection with the received address in their treatment of the former shareholders to ZAO “Lenin state Farm” appealed to the Prosecutor MO with a request to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the facts specified in their appeal.

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