The Kremlin revealed details of the conversation between Putin and Maduro


The talks between the leaders of two States were held on January 24. In particular, Putin has supported Maduro in the conditions of aggravated political situation in the country. According to the President of Russia, this issue must be settled through peaceful negotiations, and any outside interference contrary to international law. In turn, the leader of the Latin American Republic expressed gratitude to his colleague for their principled position on this issue.

On the same day, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov condemned the attempted usurpation of the Supreme power in Venezuela. The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia issued a similar statement.

Earlier, Maduro announced that Caracas closes Embassy and consulates in the United States. The Venezuelan leader also announced the severance of diplomatic relations with Washington. Representatives of the American diplomatic corps must leave the Republic until January 27.

On 23 January amid widespread protests, the opposition leader of Venezuela Juan Guido proclaimed himself acting President and urged Maduro to leave office. Guide was supported by the United States, Argentina, Canada, Peru, Colombia. From the point of view of Maduro, the coup are Americans.

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