The Kremlin modestly commented on the poll about Putin’s presidency in 2018

The Kremlin saw the media publications on the results of the survey “Levada-center”, according to which 66% of Russians want to see Vladimir Putin President after 2018. The results, of course, flattering to the current government. However, neither the President nor his press service assessment characteristics the results of the work sociologists do not give. Public opinion is not everything, modestly remarked in authority.

photo: Pavel Kuzmichev

As stated to journalists the press-Secretary of President Dmitry Peskov, the data of sociologists, of course, be analyzed. However, they cannot play a decisive role when making certain decisions across the country.

“Of course, the data of various polls are taken into account, but with known discounts. Of course, all this is subject to interpretation, analysis and, of course, none of these surveys can play a crucial role in determining the real picture and situation”, — said Peskov.

In the survey, “Levada” it was not only on the prospects of Putin’s nomination for another term (opposed, incidentally, only 18% of respondents). Also, survey participants were asked to answer the question about domestic and foreign policy – whether, in their opinion, the future President to follow the current rate.

The results were curious. Thus, 42% of respondents said that internal politics is all right and should continue, while 34% did said that you should tighten the approach to the solution of problems in the country.

The foreign policy of the current leadership of the country supported by 56% of Russians, while another 19% are in favor of a more tight dialogue with the West.

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