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“Exposure” Navalny by a strange coincidence, going strictly by “the Kremlin list” Sagore-opposition leader Navalny after he refused to play “give money to” finally struck the bottom of his “investigation”, doing a regular order from the senior masters…


Bulk and women with low social responsibility. The story of one “investigation”

The Author – Oleg Lurie

Navalny after he refused to play “give money to the presidency”, has finally hit the bottom, doing a regular order, from the highest forces. I don’t know whether Navalny urgently rehabilitated to give him money for the candidate’s hype (which, alas, did not happen) or simply to capitalize on the planned order in anticipation of post-election reshuffle in the government. Never know. But the so-called “investigation” about prostitutes, oligarch and Deputy Prime Minister not so much. Again, this is either a banal attempt to restore the image after the infamous Scam with money “on elections,” or ordering some of the “towers”, launched in anticipation of the formation of the future government, which is also possible .

So, attention! “The Fund of struggle against corruption” under the guidance of the main “investigative” blogger Alexei Navalny carefully and deeply studied instagram call girls working under the name «Nasty Fish“. They, proceeding from delight, the line was dismantled even, God forgive me, a book under the magic name “Diary of seduction of the billionaire.” Imagine Navalny, wiping the sweat from his forehead and cautiously casamagica on his wife, but persistently continuing to browse the masterpiece “Fish” with the description of the intimate scenes involving call girls and a nervous finger moving on the screen of the iPhone instagram erotic this girl.

In the end, Alexei was under the investigation. Harsh, uncompromising and, as always, unsubstantiated. Let me explain, the citizen of a failed candidate found that “Nasty Fish” and a few ladies with low social responsibility traveled for three days on the yacht of a billionaire Oleg Deripaska entertaining small talk at the hotel. Assuming the specifics of these prostitutes, am quite unable to believe that they are somewhere with someone and engage in certain intimate contacts. But do not tell you. Never know. Sorry, did not hold a candle. However, as the Bulk (or am I wrong, Alexei?).

So have luxury yacht, billionaire Deripaska, his guests, the crew and six women, probably with low social responsibility. That, in itself, about anything a criminal says. Moreover, we don’t know details of what happened on the yacht. And the main culmination “of the investigation,” Navalny: making a freeze frame of the video, filmed “Anastasia-Fish”, he finds the yacht of a man like Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Prikhodko sitting near animevegas with a girl tycoon. It is really quite similar to Prikhodko, absolutely peacefully resting and to the confused interest. Anyway, the video and photos.

But the Bulk goes next and, studying again instagram Fish, where it mentions a «Sergei Eduardovich“(the same name and patronymic Prikhodko), and her masterpiece book, which tells about a “Dad”, in which Navalny somehow immediately recognizes Deputy Prime Minister Prikhodko.

And now a question about the “bottom name of Navalny”. The question is simple: what’s next? What’s so sensational “investigated” blogger Navalny? Well, went to the billionaire oligarch to ride on your own boat, well, I was invited escort girls to entertain guests and himself. For the money. Where is the crime? Was among the guests who were on vacation Deputy Prime Minister (of course, if it really was the stranger, not a feverish fantasy Bulk). And even if so, no evidence that anyone present on the boat used for special services “Nasty Fish”, there is no Bulk. And then, again I ask, where is the crime? Where Bulk saw a bribe, the Deputy Prime Minister Prikhodko?

If a three-day trip on the yacht of his friend is considered to be corruption or a bribe, then I have questions for the twice conditionally convicted “champion of morality” Bulk.

Why Alexey Anatolyevich not to resent, say, journey in July 1997, his friend and colleague debate Anatoly Chubais holding then a post of the First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation, on a luxury yacht grace, owned by Danish millionaire of dubious reputation Jan Bonde-Nielsen.

Photo Chubais and bond-Nielsen on the boat go to the boat.

And after 20 years…

Why Navalny is not to criticize the ex-US President Barack Obama, who immediately after his presidency, perfectly rested from their very close friends on the yacht of a billionaire David Geffrey and on the private island of a billionaire Warren Buffett?

But that’s not the point. Further, the Bulk and the FCO come to a very startling conclusion. Attention! It turns out that Deputy Prime Minister Prikhodko, then in 2016 on the boat, gave instructions billionaire Deripaska about how he (the billionaire Deripaska) to influence the upcoming U.S. presidential election and bring to power of Donald trump. Ridiculously? It only remains to continue the conspiracy theories of the Bulk and to add that the main puppeteer in this story was, of course, “Nastya-Fish” as well as to demand sanction or, at worst, make the girl at least, “the Kremlin list”. And it “Nastya-Fish” with his low social responsibility is the “hand of the Kremlin”, which led to the presidency Donald Trump. Bravo, Bulk! This day still has not come.

Oh, and another interesting “find” Bulk. He happily reports that Deputy Prime Minister Prikhodko, besides the fact that “received a bribe from Deripaska” in the form of driving on the yacht, and the presence of “Nasty Fish”, also is living beyond its means. That is, has a mansion in the suburbs and two apartments with a total area of 350 square meters in the “super-elite house in the Swedish impasse, where it coexist with the family of presidents of Transneft and Rosneft Tokarev and Sechin Putin’s cronies Chemezov and Timchenko“.

And again the question to Navalny. And why, listing the owners of apartments in the “super-elite house in the Swedish impasse” this character for some reason forgot about the fact that in the same house (and the neighborhood) have not less than a luxury apartment close to Aleksei Anatolyevich ex-officials? For example, there lives in the apartment with an area of 328 square metres of the ex-Minister of Finance Alexei Kudrin.

But three kilometers away, on the street Rochdelskaya, 12/1, the apartment has an area of 427 square meter feels good the former Prime Minister and current opposition leader and other Bulk Mikhail Kasyanov.

House coy Kasyanov

Well, okay. To ask such questions Bulk is equivalent to asking him about the complete absence “of investigation”, say, “the alpha-groups” and Mikhail Fridman or “petroleum liquids” and contract killings from “Yukos” and Mikhail Khodorkovsky or about the “gray phone” former owner of “Euroset» Evgeny Chichvarkin. Silent “fighter against corruption”, only modestly lowers her eyes and sometimes she whispers nervously. Probably about a “she-Fish”.

And I was surprised by the same “the Kremlin list”, which was submitted to the U.S. Treasury. Why surprised? But because this is the “list”, but rather part of the Executive Russia, was, in fact, just an instruction for Alexei Navalny. Here is the first names.

And now look at the actions of Navalny. First it was “you do not Dimon” on Dmitry Medvedev. The second number went Igor Shuvalov. And yesterday appeared Sergei Prikhodko and so in the near future – Khloponin. Prepare Mutko and Dvorkovich.

Personally, I doubt that the same Mr Prikhodko, clean in terms of corruption, as a young girl with the highest social responsibility. So many years have great power… Already 97 years. And the spot gold suburban land of three hectares, owned by Prikhodko, gives me vague doubts. But I can’t say it’s a hundred percent not having any evidence. A walk on a yacht and walking next to a “Nasty-Fish” alas, the evidence of corruption are not. Also they are not and proof of Russian interference in the elections of the President of the United States. No matter how desirable this citizen Navalny and his customers. Careful, Alexei. And somehow quite stupid and obviously turns.

PS. Do not laugh…

«echo of Moscow“reports, “About a gang rape on the boat said Nasty Fish whose pictures in social networks marked the beginning of the investigation the FCO Navalny about corrupt ties between the Chairman of the government Sergei Prikhodko and billionaire Oleg Deripaska.

The girl has published in Instagram the entry in which she confesses that she used to be afraid to talk about what happened on the yacht. But now, when this episode attracted the attention of the public, she decided to reveal the truth, “I want these people to justice,” said Fish.

It also invited Deripaska to marry her. “I have honor and dignity. Want Oleg decided exactly how we will deal with the issue. I see two options. Either he will marry me, and I will not lose honour and dignity, or I write a statement on the rape. I will ensure that he and his friend came to the program “Let them talk” and answer for their actions.”

Still have questions? No. These are serious sources of “evidence” in a “fighter against corruption” Alexei Navalny. What a fighter, and such sources.




The US state Department issued its communication with the Bulk



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