The Kremlin is trying to tighten Ukraine in the area of influence of the “Russian world”

— The Russians continue hybrid aggressive policy. Trying to drag our government in the area of influence of the “Russian world”. Focus world and Ukrainians on the myth of fraternal peoples, — said political analyst Viktor Taran, 41.

Russia has simplified the granting of temporary residence permits and residence permits for Ukrainians, who are in Russia as refugees. And for those who speak Russian. Now you can get it for four months, not six as before. Relevant law the State Duma adopted on 23 July.

Certificate of permanent residence can receive foreigners who were born in the former Russian Soviet Republic. Children who were born in Russia and was adopted by foreigners. Citizens of other countries whose relatives in the direct ascending line or they themselves were deported from the Crimean ARSR.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin has simplified obtaining Russian citizenship for residents of Donetsk and Lugansk regions. Will receive citizenship in three months, without the mandatory exams and enjoy your stay in Russia more than five years.

Demographic situation in Russia is deteriorating, — says Viktor Taran. — The birth rate is falling. The percentage of the Slavic population is decreasing. Remote areas populated by the Chinese. Therefore, simplification of the residence permit for Ukrainians, the Russian government kills several birds with one stone.

20 percent of our population does not consider Russia as the aggressor. Do not perceive the changes that began after the revolution of dignity. Don’t realize that Russia is fighting against Ukraine at the Donbass. Such people can not agree to move to Russia.

Our government can’t respond symmetrically. If you decide to grant Ukrainian citizenship to Russians, will do worse than just yourself. The Kremlin will take advantage of this and send FSB agents. It will strengthen the fifth column.

Ukraine should explain to citizens that the actions of Russia — this is not a gesture of goodwill. To convey that Russia is the enemy.


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