The Kremlin is scared missile test in the USA, or Russia awakened the sleeping grizzly

United States of America received the first cruise land-based missile with a range of over 500 kilometers, which was prohibited by the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate and short range, which both countries had recently left.

18 August at 14:30 Pacific daylight time in the United States, on the island of San Nicolas, California was launched cruise missile ground-based. The tests, which surprised the Russian propagandists, as one zavolovich that officially released August 2 of the INF Treaty States are already experiencing this missile, which only confirms the statement of Moscow that the Treaty violated the first United States, not Russia!

Well, the resulting flight test data information wave I was pretty pleased, because it to a certain extent, not only demonstrated that the Kremlin panicked from the start, but that my suspicions about the land carrier was justified. But let’s start, as they say, first.

But first, we note that the fact that a Russian missile 9М729 was the reason for breaking the contract. And this rocket on January 23 presented in the so-called Congress and exhibition center of military-Patriotic Park of recreation and culture of the armed forces “Patriot” of the Ministry of defense of Russia. Presented, so that in principle, they themselves leaked the compliance official of the characteristics of its actual performance characteristics.

Immediately after the Russians, either specially or as usual via your own carelessness, but made a similar drain, in the United States announced the preparation of tests of its cruise missiles, land-based. I note that it was announced in March of this year, that is, roughly speaking, two months after the presentation of the Russian 9М729.

Then, in the article “the United States already in 2019 will experience the first rocket beyond the INF Treaty” considered two options for missiles, which in August could experience MO USA. Presumably this could be either AGM-158В with a range of objectives 1 thousand km, used until now as the missile of class “air-surface”, but having ready the documentation for use with the PU land, or GLCM (Ground-Launched Cruise Missile) BGM-109G Gryphon with a range of objectives 3 thousand to 4 thousand km and accommodating thermonuclear charge capacity of from 0.2 to 150 kilotons.

In the end, according to tests conducted right after the official break the INF Treaty, preference was given land by the “Tomahawk”. It is important to understand the date.

After all, Russia, to spend on creating and testing a land version of the CD “Caliber” clearly saw that after the announcement of the launch of test missiles of the United States outside the INF Treaty and the start of it themselves test, it took less than six months, and the test was timed to the withdrawal from the Treaty. That is, the implementation of the underlying project land by the “Tomahawk” took significantly less time. Further testing of this missile will have to emphasize its clear distinction from the base, i.e., modernization “on the go” and projects of “dusty bin”.

Will be ready for this process, the Russian Federation itself – is unlikely. And it understand in Russia, which their ambitions and show off woke the sleeping grizzly bearthat just over a quarter of a century ago, the arms race had put a much more powerful Soviet Union in the economic and social collapse.

But because of the painful reaction of the Russian Federation on the first and such a quick start the first RIAC USA speaks volumes more than what someone in the Kremlin really “got cold feet”.

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