The Kremlin did not specify the name of the only private sponsor of the campaign Putin

Press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov did not specify the name of a single citizen who donated more than 20 thousand rubles into the electoral Fund of Vladimir Putin. Entity a contribution to the Fund contributed the “United Russia” – about 28 million rubles, and about 20 affiliated with the party structures.


According to the CEC, the total amount of funds received by election funds of presidential candidates totaled more than 650 million rubles. Meanwhile, Putin has accumulated in your Fund and more than all competitors combined. The head of state has the maximum allowed amount of 400 million rubles, of which about 13.4 million he already spent on printed campaign materials.

Among legal entities, who helped Putin to raise funds, called “United Russia”, which made 28 million rubles (more to be added to it by law). Donations were made and affiliated with the party structures are different regional funds to support cooperation. For example, Tula oblast sponsoring Putin’s election campaign via a regional Fund to support regional cooperation, the region has made 15 million roubles. Kemerovo and Moscow regional Fund for regional cooperation has made 25 million roubles. Taken into account by the electoral Commission and funds transferred in the amount of 20 thousand rubles.

Commenting on the situation around the election Fund of Putin, press-Secretary of President Dmitry Peskov did not mention the name of a single citizen, who transferred its funds to the election campaign of the incumbent.

So, answering the question of “Vedomosti”, Peskov explained, that is the press Secretary of President Vladimir Putin, not the candidate, so he has no legal right to answer such questions. Such requests, said Sands, should be forwarded to the election staff of Putin, which should start soon.

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