The killer’s entire family has appointed psychiatric examination

vinbazar Vinnitsa: Anatoly Maleco for the murder of the whole family appointed psychiatric examination

The investigating judge Vinnitsa city court granted the petition to conduct a comprehensive forensic psychological and psychiatric examination 30-year-old Vinnichenko who is suspected of killing his mother, wife and two children.

We are talking about Anatoly Maltsev, who is accused of the massacre of the family. The tragedy occurred on December 31 in the district of “Academic” writes

“At the hearing the investigator the petition is motivated by the fact that 30-year-old man is suspected of committing a serious crime, so for a full, thorough and impartial investigation of all circumstances of a criminal offense, there is a need to establish the mental state of the suspect at the time of the crime. The Prosecutor supported the petition.

The defense and the accused did not object to the petition.

The court assigned to the criminal proceedings conduct comprehensive outpatient forensic psychological and psychiatric examination “, – the press service of the Vinnytsa city court.

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In one of the apartments in the district Academic on the evening of 31 December was found dead two women and 7-year-old boy. Another child, a girl, was three years old from a head injury died in hospital. Doctors called the son of one of the victims, who is also the former husband of the second victim and the father of two children, Anatoly Malezi. The police he said he found the family dead when he returned home. Now, investigators say they have his confession that he has done this he told where he hid the murder weapon – a hammer.

Wednesday, 2 January 2019-mu, in Vinnitsa city court-man remanded during the investigation – 60 days in jail without the right to bail. If the investigation proves his guilt, the 30-year-old man faces 15 years to life imprisonment.


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