The IOC can suspend Russia from the Olympics-2018

Photo: Reuters

The BBC has published a lot of material on elections of capital of summer Olympic games in 2024. The title of the publication – “IOC: international Olympic crisis.”

A separate Chapter of the publication is devoted to Russia’s place in the Olympic movement.

According to the author, the international Olympic Committee (IOC) may decide to suspend the Russian team from participation in the Olympic winter games 2018 in Pyeongchang. According to the source, this step will allow the organization to regain its credibility and “finally, to show teeth”.

It is also reported that in recent years about the possible removal of Russia, more say “in the higher echelons of leadership” of the IOC. The journalist notes that “despite the great risk of a complete rupture of relations with Russia, the IOC is all more inclined to believe that the suspension will help the IOC to demonstrate its leadership at precisely the moment when she really needs to rebuild trust”.

The publication also says that at the moment, the IOC is going through difficult times, the proof is the fact review of bids to host the Olympics in Budapest, Rome and Hamburg, as well as a large number of violations of anti-doping rules after rechecking of samples of the Games in Beijing and Rio de Janeiro.

According to the BBC, the removal can help the IOC to get out of this crisis.


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