The interior in color, with healing properties


Turquoise is a Royal color. Is a combination of blue and green. Has a therapeutic effect. Able to soothe and relieve fatigue, creates an atmosphere of purity and freshness.

Bright shades of turquoise is best used for creating emphasis: these shades are able to tire the eyes, therefore, should be administered and dosed in combination with neutral tones. These can be single pieces of furniture, decorative pillows, vases. Highlights of the interior will add accent wall or ceiling in the turquoise color, writes homedit.

Turquoise harmonious look in combination with white, cream, yellow, purple, various shades of brown.

This color is suitable for any interior styles from minimalist to classic. Especially successful is its combination with elements of Orientalism that includes Arabic and Indian motifs.

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Previously showed in living color, which is considered Royal. It gives the room a rich look, makes the interior spectacular and extraordinary.


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