The inauguration of Vladimir Putin in 2018: online broadcast

At noon on may 7, 2018, will begin the inauguration of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. For the incumbent this ceremony will be the fourth in his career. And, perhaps, the current inauguration will be remembered by the many changes in the Protocol.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

14.44 the Network has discussed the strange license plate on Putin’s limousine “Cortege”

14.42 Urgent: Putin again offered Medvedev the post of Prime Minister. Details

14.01 Noticed: Putin’s inauguration was not up the standard of the President

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Footage of the limo Procession at the inauguration of Putin impressed motorists

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12.57 Informed experts to give predictions on what changes will occur in the government after the inauguration of Vladimir Putin. Read our new article on this subject: the resignation of the government of the Russian Federation and appointment of the Prime Minister: what will happen to Medvedev

12.35 we will Remind, the President of Russia’s fourth presidential term and a second term which lasts six years. Thus the authority of Putin extended until 2024.

12.30 PM the Show is over. Putin shakes hands with young volunteers. “Thank you for giving us the opportunity to realize” the shy they say. “We are your team, we are always with you,” adds the girl. At the end of the photo.

12.27 Putin, taking the show, congratulated the Presidential regiment with the 82nd anniversary.

12.19 Putin concluded his speech with these words: “We will succeed. Will do everything in my power.” Over the Kremlin is booming fireworks. Ahead of the parade of the Presidential regiment.

12.18 Putin: “Russia has always been revived like a Phoenix”.

12.17 On the demographic situation in Russia should be born more desirable and intelligent children.

12.14 “safety of the country secured. We will continue to give this issue attention.”

12.12 the President of freedom: “We need breakthroughs in all fields, and this requires freedom in a society that rejects “intense conservatism and bureaucratic carrion.”

12.10 the President thanked the Russians for their support in the recent elections: “In this support is the hope that Russia will strengthen its power.”

12.08 Putin: “Aware of the responsibility before the whole multinational people of Russia”.

12.02 Oath brought. He officially took the post of President of Russia. Anthem. The following should be followed the President’s speech.

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“The fourth oath of office Putin: video”


12.00 so Putin has to the applause appeared in the St. Andrew hall.

11.58 Earlier, Putin on his inauguration went solely on “Mercedes”.

11.56 And here is the real sensation: Putin sat in the car series “Tuple”. I mean in the domestic limousine. Earlier it was reported that “Tuple” refused due to the fact that the car is still technically “raw”.

11.55 Putin comes out of my office live. Along the way it also accompanies the camera — it’s definitely something new.

11.53 On the scene the speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matviyenko, Chairman of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin, Chairman of the constitutional court Valery Zorkin. They represent the three branches of government: legislative, Executive and judicial.

11.45 the hall made the state flag and the presidential standard. They are greeted by a “fence” from phones and tablets guest.

And everything is fotkayut, fotkayut, fotkayut. 🙂 #inauguration

— Mr. Goodwin (@tomsk1990) may 7, 2018

11.31 Kudrin declined to comment to RIA Novosti the rumors about his return to the world of big politics. Recently a lot of talk about what the ex-Minister again, will oversee the economic bloc in the new government. And allegedly to seek reconciliation in the sanctions standoff with the West.

11.28 the oath of the President of the Russian Federation: “I Swear in exercising the powers of the President of the Russian Federation to respect and safeguard the rights and freedoms of man and citizen, to observe and defend the Constitution of the Russian Federation, protect the sovereignty and independence, security and integrity of the state, to faithfully serve the people.”

11.20 the day of the inauguration, Putin issued a postage stamp dedicated to this event. It shows the Kremlin’s Spasskaya tower and commemorative inscription on the envelope – the presidential standard, commemorative inscription. Circulation amounted to 252 thousand copies.

11.15 And here are the invitations that are received for guests of the inauguration

Publication of Igor Davidovich (@i_davidovich) 6 May 2018 11:24 PDT

11.13 the Assembled guests actively sending pictures from the event

The Kremlin, Moscow. At noon will begin the inauguration of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. Waiting for the start of the event!

— Alexey Zhuravlev (@ZhuravlevRodina) may 7, 2018

11.11 by the Way, among the guests at the inauguration was former Moscow mayor Yuri Luzhkov. And Russian actor Steven Seagal. The latter arrived in the capital with his wife.

11.09 Meanwhile, the homeland of the President were graffiti with a hint of, is dedicated to his inauguration. Details in our material

11.05 After taking the oath, Putin will be out in the Red porch to Cathedral square where will take place the show of the parade of the Kremlin regiment. And then go to service in the Annunciation Cathedral.

11.00 Putin’s Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov said that the inauguration will take place at the “established” scenario. According to him, Putin will leave office in the First building of the Kremlin, the Grand Kremlin Palace. After arriving at BKD elected head of state will be held in the Suite of rooms through Georgievsky and Alexandrovsky in St. Andrew, where will take the oath.

Unlike inaugurations 2000, 2004 and 2012, Vladimir Putin was first to arrive to the Kremlin without a spouse. With Lyudmila Putina, as you know, the President got divorced in 2013.

The ceremony will be held at the St. Andrew hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace, where, according to rumors, this year will invite a few hundred volunteers. The total number of visitors should exceed 5,000 people.

Not all of them will be able to place in the halls of the Palace. Most likely, some went to watch the inauguration at the Cathedral square, where we will have special screens.

It is known that on may 7 from 9:00 to 15:00 will be closed traffic on the main Old square to the Vetoshny lane. This suggests that the ceremonial motorcade Putin on the empty centre of Moscow will not. In 2012, the “cleansing” of the streets for the passage of the head of state has caused ambiguous reaction in the society. Moreover, to the place of inauguration, Putin might not go for a walk.

Will add that the day before Putin met with the Cabinet of Ministers and thanked the government for the work done. By law, the Cabinet will resign immediately after the inauguration. But if six years ago the candidacy of the next Prime Minister did not cause any doubts, in 2018, there were rumors that Dmitry Medvedev will not go to the seat of the head of government or its powers will be slightly reduced.

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